5 Favorite Books of My 3 -year-old Daughter

5 Favorite Books of My 3 -year-old Daughter


I have always been an avid reader and my love for books be it any kind was so strong that I had decided early on itself that I will make it point that even my daughter gets the same exposure as I had got. So as she was born I introduced her to loit of picture books first book series etc. I would also read my newspaper with her being around and would show some pictures to her this got her to love reading books and now it has become a daily ritual to read few mins every day be it before sleeping or while having meals or even otherwise. Now at 3, I let her pick out her choice of books with a number limitation or else she would want to read all which would delay the sleep time then!

So here are her 5 favourite books till now:

1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar




This book was the first book I actually bought for her it was in the format of sound and board book, so at 6 months, she would press the button at get the thrill out of it but later now she started seeing pictures and now to knowing the story. Eric Carle is a very famous children’s author and his illustrations are beautiful. A must read for all kids



2 Gajapati Kulapati



A beautiful story about an elephant getting a cold and the villagers helping him. It is such a simple and sweet book that makes one want to read over and over again.



3 The Tiger Who Came to Tea



What happens when u are sitting to have your tea and suddenly tiger appears at your doorstep and is hungry? Another favourite with my daughter as she finds it hilarious that tiger would finish everything in the house even water!! 



4 Goldilocks and the Three Bears



This one would be every child’s favourite I guess and so is for my daughter and it is one of her bedtime read as well and when we ask her to tell her favourite story she will say about this one!



5 Four Friends 




A Panchtantra story about 4 friends deer mouse crow and tortoise and how they help each other when one is in danger. A perfect moral story for all kids!


Apart from these books she also loves the lift the flap books, naisha series, topsy and Tim series as well. So which ones do your kids enjoy reading the most do tell me!! Till then
Happy reading! 


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