5 Confessions Of A New Mom

5 Confessions Of A New Mom


I wanted to make this post as anonymous, as  I have been known for my strength and people often refer to me as Bold Becca. But then I decided against it, because I want to be genuine here. I'm sure most of you all have gone through what I'm going through.

Is giving birth a joyful experience?

Was I ready, though I was given 2 weeks time to get  prepared for my C Section?

How did I enter the Operation theater?

Did I act brave inside the theatre or even tried not to panic?

Did I fall in love with my daughter the moment I saw her? (I should because this is what I wanted for past few years)

Did I feel out of the world and got emotional when she latched so good on my breast ? (Many latching photos with mom's emotional tears came into my mind)
NO , I screamed out of pain and I wanted her to take off her mouth.

I broke down and cried when the doctor said she is 2.7 kg, Female. The gender did not register in my mind at all as I was shocked to know she is just 2.7 Kg and felt as a mother I failed big time

The cleanliness freak I was, I am not able to keep myself clean9. I cursed whoever said C-section is simple, I cursed the people who said normal delivery mothers are brave and C- section moms are not.

I'm not here to discourage anyone I'm here to let you all know every woman differs and your personality doesn't help when it comes to giving birth.


It's okay to break down and cry.

It's okay to be a coward.

I'm still learning, I'm still getting used to my daughter, I'm still trying not to sulk when she cries for my Milk. We both have longgggg way to go!

If this post made any of the perfect moms offended, I'm sorry.


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