It’s Snack Time: Nutty Chocolatey Delight


Dates are very healthy to be consumed in winter. My son is little fussy in eating dates, but I ensure he eats in different forms by giving a twist to some recipes.


Here’s the recipe of Nutty Chocolate Balls:

1 small bowl Almond
1 small bowl Walnut
1 small bowl seedless Dates
1 Tbsn Chocolate Powder

1-Take almond and walnut in the mixture and grind it into powder. Place the powder in 1 big bowl.
2- Take dates and put them in the mixture and grind it smooth, then remove it in a big bowl.
3- Mix all the ingredients and add chocolate powder and mix it very well.
4- Take small portion on your palm roll it and make small balls. Repeat for other mixture too.

5- Roll this ball in chocolate powder.
6- Garnish it with almonds.


You can store them in an air-tight container.


These balls can be eaten as energy-snack daily too


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Lollipop PPP in az z

Thanks for sharing such a healthy dry fruits recipe for kids

For what age children can we give this ?

I was looking for such easy peasy ideas 😎

This is exactly what I was looking for.

I wish I knew this before

Cocoa powder is allergic to some

I hv used Cadbury hot choclate powder..I think cocoa powder might b lil bitter taste

hi ankita. i wanna try dis one. is chocolate powder same as cocoa powder??i have the later wid me.

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