Mommies, Which of These Thoughts Do You Have When You Are…Er….Doing It?

Mommies, Which of These Thoughts Do You Have When You Are…Er….Doing It?

11 Jan 2018 | 4 min Read

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

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Something about conceiving and having a baby topples a mom’s libido. Some end up wanting more, while some feel that their drive has actually died and gone to heaven. While husbands continue to want to make a move, the libido difference barely gives them a chance… and when it does, a mom’s mind is pretty much always occupied with other things. With what?


Take a look at these pointers while we uncover what may be going on in your mind, when you are, well, in the act:


1. Your first instinctual reflex towards his move – If you love me, please let me sleep… puhhlleezzzz


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2. You hope he does not smell that you have not had a bath today…! I’m a mom, I don’t get time for myself everyday! D’uh!


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3. Just as ‘it’ starts, ghosts of the past come to haunt you (come on, now admit it, we know your secret!!)


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4. You suddenly have a ‘Eureka’ moment and remember that one thing you had been missing to pen down in your grocery list – The damn toilet cleaner!! It definitely took you hours to remember that, and all you hope is that you remember it even after the session is over. (P.S. You’ll forget it anyway!)


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5. You keep muttering to yourself – I won’t get up to get the condom. I just, absolutely, won’t get up to get the condom. No No No No No!! I won’t!! (and You do anyway!)


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6. Weird questions also find a way into your thoughts, because well – it’s been time. You could pretty much ask yourself if you have suddenly started getting very breathless or is it usually this exhausting?


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7. Sometimes you just keep calculating how much more time you have left before all the fun and games are over, finished, finito!!


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8. There are times when you just can’t breathe anymore and all you want to say to him is get offff of me, please! Let’s clean up and sleeeeppp!


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9. Sometimes you just talk to yourself on those days when he begins to walk away but someone around there is not really happy …


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10. Wait, did he just go off to sleep?? (don’t tell me that has never crossed your mind when there’s a sudden pause)


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11. What move is that? What is he trying to do? Oh, Wait … Nooo!!!


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12. Recalling advices and tactics you read in an article online, trying to make it better for him!


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13. Preparing your list of excuses if at all he asks you to do an ‘oral examination’!


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14. Did the baby cry? Is the baby crying?  Did we just wake him up? Really? Did we?? I’ll make my husband put him to sleep now – it was his idea anyway!


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15. Do I hear someone coming in to our room?? Have we latched the door?
Nothing scares a set of parents more than this! And you pretty much live a nightmare if the child actually walks in on you!



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16.  What would I make for breakfast tomorrow?!! Agree or not, this one definitely pops up into a mom’s mind if she is not done thinking about the meal plan of the next day.


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Gone are the days when all you thought about while sex was fantasizing about Hrithik Roshan, but life really does get funny after having kids. What can we do about it? Well, we can laugh on the big and little things and take it easy!


Did you enjoy reading this article? Share with your husbands to give them a glimpse of what you may have been thinking!


Wish you loads of fulfilling moments with your loved one!


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