Winter Superfood: Millet Ladoos


There are many foods, specifically available and enjoyed during winters, that can help battle the cold months. They help you keep warm and provide nutrients that are most necessary for the body during this season.


My mom used to make Dryfruit ladoos and we used to gobble them all.


Since we have become health conscious these days, I re-invented her recipe with Ragi.
Ragi is known to help with conditions of Insomnia, anxiety and depression.


I make these ladoos every year and what makes me really happy is that my daughter also eats them.


Here’s how you can quickly make these ladoos.



Finger millets (Ragi)







  • Roast finger millet powder till it gets aromatic in a low flame.
  • Switch off the flame and add powdered sugar, ghee, cashew, dry coconut and milk.
  • Mix well and prepare ladoos.
  • You can add more milk if it is not coming together.


Make these ladoos today and enjoy the winter season!


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Viji Rajesh

I wish I knew this before

Keshika Garg

Hi,thanks for the awesome recipe.can u also share the proportion of each ingredient? Thanks

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