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Understanding Your Baby's Vaccines: Weeks 6, 10 And 14

Vaccination helps children develop immunity and protects them from a whole host of life threatening diseases.


Watch BabyChakra Momstar Priya in conversation with renowned Mumbai-based pediatrician Dr Indu Khosla on understanding a child’s 6,10 and 14 week vaccinations better.



Disclaimer: This article is part of Sanofi Pasteur’s educational initiative on vaccines. The views expressed in the article are solely those of the doctor.


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Comments (12)

Shreya Singh

Highly recommended doctor..she is my babies paed :)

Neha Jasuja

This is so well written.

Hena Sachdev

Best Doctor 😊😊

Ami Panchal

Best doctor...my daughters first dr

heena g

14 weeks k baad kab vaccination hogi

Vishu guru

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Neeta Shetty

This is just in time

Shivangi Srivastava

My baby has got his 6 week vaccine n he is a lil disturb, crying too.. tell me what to do to lower his problem

Anju lata verma

Hy kya usko fever hai

Anju lata verma

No worries ye normal hai 2 se 3 days main khatam ho jayega

Anju lata verma

Usko fever ko medicine do like paracetamol or crocin

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