5 Tips On Being a Super-Cool Mom

5 Tips On Being a Super-Cool Mom

18 Jan 2018 | 2 min Read

Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy)

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Tip 1: Know Your Child

This is the only mantra behind bringing up your child. You will need to know her inside out. There are times when your child does not need you. This is the time for yourself. Do not squander it. Use it.

There are times when your child needs you. Do not envelop her. Give her your time, steer her, but do not be the puppeteer.

Treat your child as an individual, with a mind of his/her own. Not as your prized toy. Share jokes with his/her, so she could share his/hers too.


Tip 2: Know Your Child’s Friends

Invite his friends for a sleepover. Get to know them. Speak to your child about what’s up with friends and classmates.

Let the child choose his guests on this birthday party, specially his friends. You will know his priorities and BFF’s quickly.


Tip 3: Trust Your Child

If you are a good example on your child, there’s no way he can go wrong.

Even if you doubt his/ her behavior don’t attack, the child will get defensive and hide things.


Tip 4: Do Not Give Up Your Career As A Sacrifice

If at all you have to give it up totally, let it be of your volition. If you ever consider it as a sacrifice and call it so, it is an insult to your child’s ability to respect your career moves. A child doesn’t need a nanny. She just needs you to facilitate her to grow.

Take a Break from work. But do not take a break from enriching yourself.


 Tip 5: Make Sure You Have a Support System

Take care of your domestic help. They will take care of you.

Do not feel guilty of working. There are a million ladies who want to be in your shoes. You have beaten them all to be in this position. Use it judiciously.



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