Are You A Mombie…..Yet?

Are You A Mombie…..Yet?

Does Mombie sound like a familiar term? Mombie aka Mommy Zombie is the one you see in the mirror after you’ve delivered the revered bundle of joy!! Yeah, I mean there’s definitely no comparison to the joy your little one brings you, but there’s also no comparison to the fatigue and sleeplessness that your baby gifts you.  


Even if you have crossed that stage, I am sure you have some  not-so-pleasant memories of the time.


I remember, once I had to go to the Bank for something urgent and it had been 10 days since I had delivered my twins. I spelt my name wrong, I wrote my phone number in the email ID section and eventually I had to fill a new form - all of that embarrassment and a husband who found it really funny!


That’s the Mombie state!!

Are/were you a Mombie too?? If yes, how far into ‘Mombie-ing are/were you??! Let’s find out!

Answer these simple questions and note your answers. Evaluate the results at the end. Pick the option that fits your state of mind first. No cheating!!

Are you ready?

Ready or not, here we go


1. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

  • Not sure … 1 Hour? Or maybe 3 or 4??
  • 4 Hours
  • 6 Freaking Hours!! I can’t believe it myself!
  • What is sleep?


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2. Do you notice something unusual when you step out in the sun (on a summery day)?

  • It is unbearably hot, it feels like I’m burning and I can’t keep my eyes open
  • It is hot, I wish I had an umbrella
  • It is quite hot, but we manage
  • What is the Sun? What do you mean by ‘sunny day’?


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3. Describe the level of body ache you have...


  • My entire body hurts
  • My lower back and my neck hurt… aah my head too!!
  • My body hurts, but I can pull it through the day. What won’t you do you for your little baby!!
  • Isin’t body ache normal?


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4. How many cups of coffee/tea do you consume in a day?


  • I tried counting, but I forget the count so I gave up. I just keep a jug ready and consume it in a few hours I guess
  • Oh God, I can’t survive without tea/Coffee. I have about 8-10 cups a day
  • Too much tea and coffee is bad for a new mom. I limit myself to 3-4 cups a day
  • What is a cup?


Source: media1.tenor


5. When attempting this test, you…


  • Thought you could remember the choices in your mind, but you messed up and had to fetch a pen and paper/note down your answers in the phone
  • I remember most of the answers I chose, had to look back a few
  • I remembered all of the choices I made
  • Which test are you talking about? The unit test?


Source: media1.tenor



Ok, you need to promise me to not cheat on the answers. And before you interpret your results, Congratulations, you are sane enough to even finish reading till here!! Bravo, a medal is on its way!


If 3 or more of your answers were As...

My Dear, you are a full on Mombie!


You have no time to even make your hair, leave aside going to the parlor. You probably don’t even remember what it is like to go out in the afternoon time, so when you step in the sun, it feels like your skin is burning. You have no idea what is keeping you going - if it’s the caffeine, if it’s the love, if it’s the enthusiasm, or something else entirely.


Source: media1.popsugar-assets


Stop being very hard on yourself! Request help and let go of some chores. Right now taking care of your health is equally important. SO drop us a comment about your results, and go take a nap. You deserve it!


If 3 or more of your answers were Bs

My Dear, Be careful, You are on the verge of being a full on Mombie!


You are not on the edge of sanity, but you are walking steadily towards it! Some days you get sleep, some days you don’t, so for the time being you just balance it out. It is also quite possible that the nights you don’t sleep well, it is mainly because you were too busy playing games and attempting ‘tests’ on your phone! Take a break and sleep well. Take your meds on time and heal before the baby wakes up for a feed again! GO GO GO GO!!!!


Source: img.buzzfeed


If 3 or more of your answers were Cs...

My Dear, You seem to be in a safe zone!


You seem to be getting fair amounts of rest in between. You are deeply exhausted, but still in good control of your situation (as good as it gets actually!) You probably have some help, or your baby is an angel baby who sleeps through the night from the day s/he was born! Just kidding! It is great that you find some time to think through with sanity. Do continue taking care of yourself and have a balance in parenting and everyday life!


Source: thumbs.gfycat


If 3 or more of your answers are Ds...

Oh Dear! Seek some help! It does get better.


You have probably lost orientation of everything and all you can see is your child. While that sounds like a good situation, it is extremely not. You are as important as the child and giving yourself some love doesn’t hurt. Relax, there is nothing like a perfect mom




Either it is the above definition, or that you took this really serious test for no rhyme or reason! I really hope you just didn’t go tic-tac-toe on all the answers. But even if you did, we hope you had fun!


How did you like this test? Do share your results with us in the comments section below. Let’s see which category  do most Babychakra moms fit into?!


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