5 Benefits of Reading Aloud To Your Kids

5 Benefits of Reading Aloud To Your Kids

22 Jan 2018 | 3 min Read

Aritra Raj

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Nowadays, when technology and gadgets occupy a major chunk of our day , it’s a concern for many mums how to minimize the screen time of their kids.  One of the great ways to keep the kids off the ipad or the phone is through books ofcourse.


At the very outset , your child might not  show much interest and would choose other toys, or the phone instead. But you could make reading a fun thing for your little one by reading out loud.


Here are some benefits of Reading Out Aloud:


Bonding : It’s a wonderful experience for the kids when their mom reads out to them. You might complain my child doesn’t sit or is hyperactive, etc. I say, don’t give up easily. Choose a time when he’s not playing outdoors or watching TV. Just after the snack time or before bedtime is a good reading time. If you make it a routine to sit with your child everyday at a specified time, soon you will realize how your child looks forward to this little reading time with you.


Express and articulate : I need not repeat the many benefits of stories for children. While reading out loud, your child might ask many questions to you. Be patient enough to answer to them.  Read aloud time encourages the kids to be more expressive and articulate their views and opinions properly.


Language Acquisition : Whichever language you  choose to read the stories in, the kids grasp the language, the  correct pronunciation and the meanings primarily by listening.  Their word bank increases too.


Improves Listening Skills : When you read stories to your kids , they become better listeners and listening is definitely an important aspect of developing communication skills. Also, in the whole process of listening and absorbing the stories, your child’s cognitive skills are honed.


Healthy Habit Development : As you continue to read aloud interesting stories to your kids,  they automatically develop a strong  interest in reading more and more. After all, children are made readers on the lap of their parents.


So there you go, pick an age appropriate book for your child and start reading to your kids. The memories that you make will last you a life time! Enjoy.


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