Pregnancy Mood Swings: The Monster This Is And How To Snub It Back?

Pregnancy Mood Swings: The Monster This Is And How To Snub It Back?

23 Jan 2018 | 4 min Read

Satarupa B Kaur

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Perhaps the most overestimated and under thought-of phase in life is pregnancy. The main idea couples have around pregnancy, stems from pregnant couples around them, family experiences, reel exposure and book-based reads. Once a couple is actually pregnant, comes up a mountain of issues that they are least prepared to deal with.


This is because pregnancy is an experience that is only “Best Felt” and not copied from! Of course you could have your helpful apps, great friends and superb family members to assist you through your issues but going down at the deepest bottom of a couple during pregnancy, you encounter things no one actually ever helps you sail through.


Mood swings is what I am talking about and the worst effects these have is on the couple. With mood swings you feel irritated, jittery and happy– all at once. Your husband is usually a punching bag yes but when you are pregnant, he becomes more than just that — he becomes the competitor in a boxing ring. My experiences with mood swings help me swing around the day with my irritable in laws but the main chunk of frustration is left for bedtime. Besides the usual fights and monologues from me, my husband has faced so much due to my irritable behavior. Going back to those conversations I almost feel apologetic but then again my ego barely lete me go ahead and say sorry. Pregnancy has changed me so much!!


He for all, is understanding and blames all of this on the pregnancy hormones but I feel mood swings as a monster is becoming so much an over stress on me and I am the worst manager ever of pregnancy hormones.


If you look closely the reason why mood swings take on a monstrous avatar is because you let small things get on to you.


When you know that your pregnancy hormones are there peak will have to develop patience and that is not at attributable to any chemical or hormone

You will have to build up your patience levels and understand that your husband is perhaps the only one who could be your real partner in crime or otherwise.


Stop reading too much over the internet

This one piece of advice that’s a reason to pregnant and new mummy friend gave me, saved a lot of days when I had it tough to get over mood swings. Reading too much on the internet makes all your thoughts begin to get connected in a stream that perhaps is non existent.

However, given our given imaginations being females, we tend to connect everything with our personal lives and finally shower all are irritation on our husband.

Another thing you have to abide by is try and not talk about domestic matters with your husband and being pregnant. Understand that if you are a daughter in law and not a daughter –that is how things are meant to be in your life. Stop trying to change everyone and stop trying to expect the best from everyone. Listen, while standing in good stead even when you go ahead and get into parenting.


Advice to not allow the monster mood swings to sit over your head is relax without getting into discussions about your pregnancy

Do not talk only about how your feeling and what your gynecologist shared with you with your friends and family. Remain engaged with your work as much as your body permits and see photos and videos that are not directly related to having a baby.

Why mood swing dominates to a disgusting point is because we allow pregnancy to become the only phase that remains alive in our life. For sure, I understand pregnancy is the topmost priority right now for expecting mums–but that doesn’t mean that all the rest of your life has gone into shatters.


Go ahead loosen up let your hair down and stop thinking about just being pregnant for the next few months. 


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#moodswings #pregnancyhormones #dealingwithmoodswings