3 Immunity-Boosting Recipes for Kids

3 Immunity-Boosting Recipes for Kids


I have been blessed that my Mom stayed back with us till my son turned 1-year-old. I got some great tips from her that not only helped to cure illness but also in building strong immunity against diseases.


So, I am sharing some recipes of Milk that can help kids stay strong and fight winters :

Munnaka Milk


  • Take milk in a pan and add few munakka to it. Heat on low flame till it becomes frothy.
  • For babies above 1 year you may add a small amount of honey as well



  • This drink acts as a tonic in  fever  and provides energy.
  • It also acts as a memory booster.


Nutmeg-Saffron -Dates Milk



  • Rub 1 almond, dry date and nutmeg on rubbing stone.
  • Put all these ingredients in hot milk and add a few strands of saffron to it. (You may add honey for babies above 1 year)



  • It helps in clearing congestion due to cold and builds immunity .
  •  It helps in soothing the babies, making them sleep better.

Turmeric - Pepper Milk



  • Heat milk in a pan and add pinch of turmeric to it.

  • Add small quantity of pepper and a pinch of jaggery to it.



  • It helps babies fight viral and bacterial infections.
  • It keeps the skin soft.

(Note: These drinks are meant for children above 10 months. Do take your doctor’s advice, before giving anything to them).


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