DIY Activity Alert: Fish Out The Ball!

DIY Activity Alert: Fish Out The Ball!

23 Jan 2018 | 2 min Read


Materials needed

  1. A fishing net (I used an old coffee filter)
  2. Two bowls
  3. Ball which floats (any other object you have at home which floats in water).


  • Fill one of the bowl with water and put in all the balls into it  such that it floats.
  • Give your child the coffee filter/net/sieve to fish the ball out of the water and ask them to transfer it to the other empty bowl.



My daughter loved this activity as she also got to play with water. Initially she had trouble with the filter as it had a protruding end, which was not easy for her to reach the ball. But she did not stop. She got the ball to the center and transferred.


And tada, she solved it like a boss!


At the end of it, she had got the hang of the activity and she herself transferred it back and forth without my help


Skills achieved:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Hand -eye co-ordination
  3. Messy play
  4. She learnt the number One


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