Toddler Fear 4: It's Too Loud!

Toddler Fear 4: It's Too Loud!

For kids who themselves are emitters of such noise, it’s ironic that a few little ones are so scared of noise! The washing machine, the cooker, the music, just plain laughter! The smallest of things can trigger fear in a toddler.

Experiencing fear is stressful to children and parents alike. I know when I couldn’t use the pressure cooker for the fear of the whistle disturbing my 2-year-old, I knew I couldn’t belittle it; but yet, I had to manage it.

Here’s what I tried and it worked!

  • Warn the child before turning on an appliance that creates noise, so that they expect it and can prepare themselves.
  • Identify the source so that you and the child can talk about it. Noise fears are often closely associated with another type of fear. For example, the noise of a vacuum cleaner may terrify a small child because they imagine being sucked up by its vortex!
  • Allow them some role, as permissible, in the sources of noise like switching the switch on/off. This might help the child feel empowered.
  • Save noise-intensive tasks for times when a child isn't around.
  • Accept your child’s fear and model responses such as “'Wow! That was loud, wasn't it! What do you think that was?' Over time responses such as these have coached the kids to react with curiosity.

  • Lastly, I’ve learnt to create a little noise in the house myself to get the kids accustomed. Music around dinner time, loads of laugher, musical instruments, playing a game where you bang on pans or smash lids together are a few examples.


These experiences can give them a sense of empowerment over their fear.


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