Travelling With An Infant? Things You Should Know

Travelling With An Infant? Things You Should Know

29 Jan 2018 | 3 min Read

Gunjan Gupta Upadhyay

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Travelling without planning may be therapeutic for few, but with as a mommy with an infant to handle it may not be the case. You never know how would the baby react to the change; change in almost everything- place, people, temperature even small things like- his or her playmates, toys and what not.


You can’t carry his entire world with You, but with a little planning rather thoughtful planning, thing can be much much easier.


So, first things first:



What and How To Pack?

  • Don’t try to change baby’s routine, atleast to the extent possible during vacation or even during travelling. Maintain the schedule if your baby has one, else try to incorporate one for a few days before you travel. It would just make your life easier. 
  • Always prioritize for stuff and toys which make your baby happy and what he prefers, even if it’s a sipper or a spoon of his choice. Don’t experiment with your selection now. 
  • Pack light: I always buy baby care product in big sizes (as they are much more economical) and keep the empty sample/small size bottles of the products safe. They are so handy, and you can easily pour products in these cute small bottles and carry in your diaper bag. (You may use same product’s smaller bottle or if using any other please don’t forget to label them. You might not want to mess up and you never know if you would need some help from others).
  • Always Google up the weather of the place and pack clothes and accessories accordingly.
  • Always carry a few pair of additional clothes, layering would help too. You may also want to mix and match, but still carry a few extra ones. Something easy and light like a romper or a onesie paired up with a legging/shorts/skirts can make for multiple outfits and could be layered if needed.
  • Carry essentials (you may refer the list below) in your diaper bag/any other bag which is handy and the one you would be carrying most of the time. The rest can be checked-in. Even in the checked-in luggage try to pack things you would need immediately on top and in order of priority. I prefer making small packet/pouches of clothes set including matching inners and diapers. It not only organised, but also saves time searching stuff.


Diaper Bag Essentials:


  1. Baby care/toiletries (small pack)
  2. Baby formula, bottles and Warm water (if not on BF)
  3. Nursing cloth/stole if BF
  4. Baby weaning food items -depending on your baby’s likes and your travel time. Home cooked or easy to make cereal available in the market.
  5. Some hanky/tissues, soft wipes
  6. Baby bib -if weaning (it even helps while feeding milk)
  7. Diapers – depending on your travel time , have 1-2 extra one in case it is soiled.
  8. One Extra pair of clothing – just in case the one gets soiled
  9. Baby teething/other toys/ Board Books to keep your baby engaged. 
  10. Baby Sipper/bottle
  11. Some mosquito repellent 


Don’t forget some candies or Nutri-bar for YOU. You may also need some energy while take care of your little munchkin.

Have an exciting trip!


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