4 Books You Should Read to Your Children

4 Books You Should Read to Your Children

29 Jan 2018 | 3 min Read


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“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”― Albert Einstein


Being a book lover myself I started reading to my son as soon he turned 2 years. Now books are as important part of his life as any other toy that he enjoys. Trust me; results of reading to your child are amazing. The enhanced expressiveness, vocabulary, early reading skills and the list goes on. So, here are 5 books from the immense treasure my little one enjoyed and I’m sure yours will too.   


The Furry Animal Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta & Edgar Stewart




A perfect read for 4-7 years old. Here, you along with your child will come to know about all common and uncommon furry animals beginning from A to Z. Along with the illustrative pictures, there is, a small but informative paragraph for each animal describing their unique characteristics. Each page is beginning with both capital and small letter making it easier for the child to memorize. The author himself is an animal enthusiast and his book series are based on animal and alphabets.


Ready to Play Tweenies- That’s my picture




When a blend of imaginations of young minds creates a perfect animal, it turns out to be a beautifully painted canvas for the class wall. The colorful illustrations will attract the kids’ eye and I’m sure parents would have to get kids an art file after reading this book.


Paw patrol-  Storybook collection




A perfect read for all young Paw Patrol fans out there. This book is based on the Nickelodeon cartoon series Paw Patrol which revolves around young boy Ryder, who along with his 4 heroic pups is always ready to rescue and save the day. A collection 6 episode based stories this book is full of colorful realistic pictures to catch the eye of any young reader. The tagline of the show “No job is too big, no pup is too small” is perfect to motivate children for any task.


Mission Ziffoid- by Michael Rosen



A simple and funny book by Little Funnies series, about a boy who crash-lands on planet Ziffiod, and meets soccer loving aliens who thinks he’s a football. This rib-tickling story is apt for a play date where the kids can actually enact and actively participate during narration.   


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