How To Develop Your Child’s Brain at 21 Months: Fine Motor And Art

How To Develop Your Child’s Brain at 21 Months: Fine Motor And Art

30 Jan 2018 | 2 min Read

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)

Author | 101 Articles

At 21 months, your child is interested in whatever you are doing! Her fine motor skills are developing very fast and to aid the development, here are some simple to set up art and fine motor activities. Make sure you follow this entire series where I list month-wise Montessori inspired and play-based activity ideas for developing motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills.





Rangoli colors are available in almost all Indian homes. Give your child some bowls filled with different Rangoli colors, a spoon, some white glue and a paper. Now, sit back to watch the fun. Let your child squeeze the glue on paper and sprinkle Rangoli colors on it to create wonderful abstract art. After s/he is done, remove the excess color and dispose. It awakens the artistic mind of the child as he creates random designs with this method.





Let your child mess around and learn to master his pouring and spooning skills along with the funnel. It builds concentration, hand-eye coordination and precision.





Let her/him run the toy over paint blobs and create art out of it. You can use vehicles or dolls to walk around in the paint garden and create art.




Give the dispenser and matchsticks to your toddler and watch her put matchsticks inside the jar meticulously.




Have a toilet paper/aluminium foil roll ready to be disposed? Save the roll, cut it into smaller pieces and give it to your child along with some rubber bands. Let your child put the bands on this roll. It is a great fine motor activity.


Remember to always follow your child’s lead. These activity ideas are mere pointers, the key is to observe and follow your child’s interests and skill set.


Look out for my  next article in this series where I will share some more DIY activities that you can do with your 21 month old child!


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