Things I learnt While Growing-Up Without Parents


I lost my parents in a car accident when I was 9 or 10 years old, I don't even remember exactly. Trust me, growing up without  parents is the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone. Being a girl, it was tougher for me.


I was too young. People often ridiculed my grief assuming that I am lucky that it happened in my childhood and I can't actually comprehend the situation. You might not feel the pain at the very moment but you feel your loss with time.


One thing I remember the most from my childhood is that I was a very happy go lucky, confident, cheerful, playful girl back then. But as we know, grief runs its course in stages and we are never prepared for it, I am not that person anymore.


Needless to mention, this had the larger impact on my personality, attitude towards life, love and relationships.


I grew up without seeing men in a protective role, who can give me undemanding love and affection. I was desperate for a loving relationship, because I never had one and a career, as I now know the consequences of being dependent.


I never really mourned as such but with time I felt the emptiness.

I felt it when I saw my friend's mother explaining  her about menstruation when she got her first periods.

I felt it when I saw my friends discussing their career plans with their fathers.

I felt it when I saw people going on a family vacations. These are to name a few.


The past had surely affected me but over the time I have accepted it and decided to move on and be happy.


I have learned who is there for me actually, because people don't always keep their words. I have learned to feel my gaps on my own. Whatever other tragedies I had faced after that, I learned to deal with them. I have learned to let the bitterness and resentment go.


I have learned to love, live and enjoy whatever time I have, because I know life is so uncertain. I came to know about my strengths.

I had never expected this to happen to me, but it has happened and I have sailed through it. Nothing can amount to this tragedy and nothing can break  me down.

I started appreciating good  things about life and myself. If I can survive this, I can survive anything life throws at me.


People may think vulnerability is a negative word, but for me it's a motivation to do good  things. I have opened myself for all the loving relationships. The most important thing that as I am a mother now, in an odd way it has made me be a better parent. I want to make  the most of my relationship with him. Whatever  time I have on this earth, I have the power to impact his life. When I am gone, the values I inculcate in him will be my own legacy!!


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Comments (26)

Anusha Priya

Shruti Giri 👏👏👏👏 tears rolled while reading this post. I couldn't even imagine ur situation shruti. Really hatsoff to u

Bhagya Lakshmi Kota

Shruti Giri ... You are really great dear.. I am running out of tears. Feel like hugging you tightly. Love You Sister

Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne

More power to you lady

Rizwana MK

Same story here Shruti Giri

aradhana sharma

Hey girl...your are very strong ...I know the I lost my mom at young age..and evry day I miss her .. your journey is very tougher but you have made it super beautiful. Hats off. And you are a super mom...and super guide to all existing and new moms.

Satyam Sharma

Big Bear hug to you! 😘

shikha Singh

I hv recently lost my parents n I still can't get over my's just been a year without them n it feels like a decade....
it must hv been very tough fr u to live without ur parents all thru ur life...
I don't hv any words that can give u solace...; May God be kind on u...;
Stay blessed with yr family n baby

Shruti Giri

Thanks everyone.... I really appreciate your kind words.... Thank you so much!!! People like you will always be my inspiration

Vidya Rathod

U r really strong dear.. keep the spirit up. Big hug to u

Dr. Payal M

Shruti I cannot just put my head around what you've written, what you've gone through. Hats off to you, your self confidence. Wishing you lots of happiness always

Sumira Bhatia

Shruti many many blessings to you always always 💞💞

Revauthi rajamani

Grief is the gift that we receive in turn for our love. I know the pain of losing a parent. With time I started to live with grief n not fix it... Time cannot heal but it surely teaches us to live with it

Parul Johari

Shruti Giri tears fills in my eyes.
Can understand you cos have gone through this at very early stage.
Anyways God made us strong!
I always think a real sister is like a mom but I have not any real sister do u have?

Priya Sood

Kudos to you Shruti Giri


Hats off to a very strong woman!!! No words I have got to compliment are a winner ❤️

Priya Botre Shinde

I crib about my hardships but this is an eye opener..lots of love and best wishes

Shruti Giri

Priya Botre Shinde; we all do crib priya that's how life is..thanks for your kind words

Shruti Giri

Kritika Lall; thanks kritika.... ❤

Shruti Giri

Parul Johari; true that...I also don't have a sister...have younger brother... But babychakra has given me lots of them 😍

Shruti Giri

Revauthi Rajamani absolute truth

Shruti Giri

Dr. Payal M; Sumira Bhatia Vidya Rathod thanks for the love❤

Ruchika Trehan

A big salute to u dear. May always; GOD bless u

Akanksha Bajaj

More power to you! You are an epitome of love and strength

Sunil Jha

बिलकुल सही समय पर आया यह लेख!

Ayushi Arora

Even I don't have my parents and I can perfectly relate to u

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