Toddler Tantrum #5: I Won’t Share!

Toddler Tantrum #5: I Won’t Share!

Have you found yourself really upset because your child won’t share?


I have. I’ve been embarrassed, angry, felt let down and (now) I’m okay with it!


Imagine: You are baking and someone takes your ingredients away. Well, that’s what happens to a kid immersed in play and when you ask him to share.


I’ve realized the top 3 reasons my daughter won’t share!




  • She  doesn’t know it’s the correct thing to do. 

Oblivious to manners, social etiquette and being nice, kids are usually brutally honest and don’t realize politeness. It comes only with age.


  • Papa gave it to her and it’s her favourite! 

Can you imagine giving away your car to a friend? As adults we struggle. These are babies and certainly have trouble parting with their precious toys.


  • She worries the borrower might damage the toy. 

Thought of this? When my daughter said she didn’t want to share with her brother out of fear he would spoil her clay, I could understand.


Remember, sharing is not directly proportional to the child’s good behavior or manners. With age, it gets better and in the meantime, here’s what you can do to promote sharing.




  • Respect your child’s wishes. 

If we respect children, they’ll respect us and people around them. Period.


  • Model sharing. 

Little things matter. Practice sharing within the household and with people you trust only. It’s a great beginning step. 


  • Leave it at home. 

I’m training  my daughter to leave her favourite toy at home if she doesn’t want to share it at the play-date. Today, she chooses her least favourite toy  because the attachment is lower.


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