Are We Raising A Selfie-Obsessed Generation?

Are We Raising A Selfie-Obsessed Generation?


Few days back my son was playing with his friends on the ground.  Suddenly  he went on to put his arm on his friend’s shoulder. Before we could realize anything  he said ,' take a picture' and he smiled for the camera. The moment was cute  meanwhile it was a bit disturbing for me.


Since his birth, we both as parents and I think many of us might have done  this,  have been clicking his pictures like crazy. We wanted to capture every moment, which was precious in a certain way. We didn't want to miss cherishing these long lasting memories. So unknowingly  we prepared him for the  cameras all the time.


But when he started grabbing our phones to snap a selfie or leaving the play in the middle to have his pictures clicked, was happened to be the cause of my worries.


After researching on how much photography is too much for kids, I have some points to state:


1- Taking pictures is not as intrusive as parents who instructs their children  to smile for the camera, disturbing the moment. It's not about how many photos you take, but how you take them.


2- The Camera is supposed to be one of the 'self focusing stimuli' , which may lead to over self conscious when they grow a bit old.


3- Over indulgence in self consciousness may lead to self focusing and they self critique  for not so important things.


How to take pictures mindfully:

1- Spare them the likes of social media. Don't discuss as how many likes and comments their pics has gotten.


2- Instead of clicking their single picture, family photos will also help them in bonding with other family members.


3- Avoid making them self conscious of showing every time how they are looking at the picture.


4- Make sure your relentless photography is not making them increasingly self aware.


5- Taking pictures, lots of pictures is fine till you are being in the moment to enjoy it to the fullest. Don't give away the happiness of being in the moment just to document for later.


Disclaimer: The opinions  expressed in the article are the personal views of the author. They do not neccesarily reflect BabyChakra's point of view. BabyChakra does not assume any responsibility for the views expressed in the article.



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