Easy Pasta Made With Tomatoes And Cheese

Easy Pasta Made With Tomatoes And Cheese

1 Feb 2018 | 1 min Read

Sowmya Prithvi

Author | 14 Articles

I tried this recipe and it wast a hit with my family. Why  don’t you try making delicious pasta today?




Pasta-1 cup



Butter or Oil-1 spoon

Salt as per taste

Pasta powder

Cheese-1 cube

Chilly flakes-1 spoon

Tomato & Chilli sauce-1 spoon

Coriander (optional)



1- Cook pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water,stirring occasionally, once it’s cooked,drain and transfer to a bowl & keep aside.


2- In a pan, add oil or butter, fry onion till brown, add tomato & salt. Wait till tomatoes turn soft .


3- Add pasta powder, boiled pasta, tomato & chilli sauce, cheese, chilli flakes.


4- Cook for 5 minutes by adding little water & garnish with coriander when finally done.


It’s ready!


So how many pasta lovers here??


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