Amla Murraba: Your Daily Dose of Good Health


Amla Murraba was my favorite sweet snack during childhood. Now, I eat one piece of murraba in the morning, daily.


Eating Amla is good for your body. It has several benefits:

-Good source of Vitamin C and Fibre

-Builds immunity

-Relieves from constipation

-Keeps hair healthy and strong


I am sharing the recipe, which I learnt from my Mother. She used to prepare amla murraba for everyone in the family.




Amla - 1 kg

Sugar - 1 kg

Saffron - half teaspoon

Water to wash them




1- Wash amla properly in water, then soak them in water for 15 min, after that drain the water n keep THEM aside. Prick them with fork so that sugar syrup can enter it easily.


2- Put a pan on gas keep the flame low, first place a layer of amla on it. Add some sugar slowly, Sugar will start melting and amla will start releasing it juices and soaking sugar. Keep stirring it, in between.


3- Now add Saffron, which will give murraba a beautiful color. It will take almost 20-25 min to cook them properly, you can check by pricking with fork.


4- Let them cool and keep them in a glass container.


You can preserve murabba for year. There is no need to add any preservative in it. But, always use a clean spoon to take out amla or you will spoil the murraba.


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Yu can add jaggery instead of sugar..

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