Developmental Milestones: 25-30 Months

Developmental Milestones: 25-30 Months

No matter all the information on toddlers development between 25 and 30 months of age, actually handling them is a whole different ball game.


After the second birthday, toddler growth enters a very exciting stage. The child’s mental abilities grow exponentially and he starts to explore more about abstract concepts like shapes, colors, size, quantity. The child now takes interest in solving puzzles, playing with sand, and reading books. Even though he may not be a pro in the skills department yet, he is spending time building his confidence and self esteem and getting ready to become a preschooler. Take a look at the various benchmarks of growth and development that toddlers must cross between 25 and 30 months of age.


Social and emotional development in children


Developmental Milestones child playing


  • In this period,  a 3 year old baby shows an active interest in making friends, playing and socializing with other kids. He may also be seen spending more time taking  active interest in playing interactive games.
  • The child is more comfortable with familiar faces than unfamiliar ones.
  • The toddler enjoys parallel play
  • The child is develops a sense of humor and may often be seen laughing at jokes
  • He/She may also get attached to a toy and have a favourite toy
  • They may express feelings through pretend play


Motor and cognitive development in toddlers during this period


Developmental Milestones  motor skills


These are the typical intellectual changes you will notice in a toddler of this age group:


  • Toddlers during this age can respond to questions like “What”, “where” etc. They may also understand words like “soon”, “now” or “later”
  • They can identify hidden objects
  • Toilet and potty training should begin
  • They love hiding in different places like in a box or behind a tree
  • They can throw a ball underarm
  • They can scribble with a crayon held in the whole hand
  • They are able to understand differences between various sizes and shapes of objects


Child development timeline

Let's look at toddler growth in detail that occurs by age 3.


Mastered skills
(What most kids can do)

Emerging skills (What half of the kids can do)

Advanced skills (What only a handful of kids can do)

25 and 26 months

  • Can take off clothes
  • Names many body parts
  • Can build tower of three bricks or more
  • Walks with smooth heel-to-toe movement
  • Brushes teeth with help
  • Washes hands on his own (needs help to dry)
  • Can throw a ball overarm
  • Puts on clothes on his own
  • Uses pronouns like ‘you’ and ‘I’
  • Can draw a vertical line
  • Speaks clearly most of the time

27 and 28 months

  • Puts on clothes
  • Speaks clearly most of the time
  • Jumping off the ground with both feet
  • Opens doors
  • Understands adjectives like big, small, soft etc
  • Draws a vertical line
  • Can build a tower of several bricks
  • Is able to balance on one foot
  • Draws vertical line
  • Starts to recognize letters of the alphabet

29 and 30 months

  • Is able to brush teeth with help
  • Can wash and dry hand by self
  • Draws a vertical line easily
  • Balances on one foot
  • Can draw a circle
  • Puts on a T-shirt
  • Can name a color
  • Can name one friend


Each child will develop these skills at his/her own pace. However, if there are any delays beyond 3-4 weeks as per recommended milestones, its best to visit your pediatrician. Toddler milestones are an extremely easy visual way to track your child’s growth.


Disclaimer: The information in the article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor.

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