Developmental Milestones: 31-36 Months

Developmental Milestones: 31-36 Months

Learn about the normal developmental milestones in your toddler before he turns three.


Your baby is now nearly a 3 year old curious toddler who wants to know everything. The toddler is in constant need of attention and independence. The latter half of his 3rd year will be full with exciting moments as his imagination begins to take off and learns to become more self sufficient. Below are some developmental milestones seen in children of age 3.


Social development in children between 31 to 36 months


toddler pretend play

Remember  that every child is different and may take some time to socialize and make friends with other kids. Such skills improve with time and as the child learns to interact better it starts engaging in a two way communication within a group.


Typical skills that toddlers 2 year old master by this time  include:

  • Use of words like ‘thank you’, ‘please’ and greeting other people
  • Expression of affection openly
  • Play alongside other children comfortably
  • Engaging in co-operative play
  • Enjoying pretend play


Emerging skills that are seen in at least half the kids of this age group include the following:


  • Imitating other adults like going shopping in grocery store, imagining a friend he may be talking to
  • Becoming comfortable around strangers
  • Enjoying helping other children in doing things
  • Playing with other kids even if he may not play very cooperatively
  • Developing social skills like taking turns in playing, sharing, use of words to resolve conflicts


Emotional skills for toddlers between 31 to 36 months

toddler emotional behaviour

By age 3 a healthy expression of feelings and regulating untoward emotions while developing empathy for others is important. This includes development of personality. Formation of identity increases as toddlers begin to recognize themselves in a mirror and point out to their own body parts.


Typical skills:

  • Does not like if regular routines are changed
  • Is able to recognize and respond to other kid’s feelings
  • Learns to become more comfortable with newer people
  • Likes to be independent but may get anxious with new experiences
  • Wants approval and praise

Emerging skills include:

  • Expresses feelings when asked
  • Talks about feelings of other people
  • Gets excited about new activities
  • Stamps feet when frustrated


Intellectual and motor development milestones for children between 31 to 36 months

The motor development is advancing rapidly at this age as the toddler starts understanding sporting items like ball, bat etc. and how they are to be used.


Typical skills include:

  • Can tell the difference in size and shape
  • Dramatizes ideas and thoughts
  • Can count upto three objects
  • Matches similar objects and sorts different ones
  • Likes to take part in group activities
  • Walks on a balance beam, climbing a ladder, can pedal a tricycle
  • Can hold a pencil in writing position
  • Can cut paper with scissors
  • Turns pages of a book


Emerging skills:

  • Use of words associated with time (e.g. sleep time, eating time)
  • Can separate objects based on size
  • Throws ball overarm with good accuracy
  • Enjoys participating in circle games with many people
  • Drawing squiggles and telling that is his/her name
  • Likes to participate in finger songs
  • Understands position and direction and responds to simple requests
  • Has a vocabulary of 1000 words


3 year old development chart has a wide range of skills that the child learns and masters rather rapidly. Keep a track of how your child is doing using a growth chart.


Disclaimer: The information in the article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor.

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