Neolife: When Mummies-To-Be Became Models

Neolife: When Mummies-To-Be Became Models

14 Jan 2015 | 8 min Read

Haajra Fareen

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Pregnancy for most of the Indian women means staying indoors snuggled in a warm couch or a super soft bed, munching on potato chips and watching an epic Bollywood movie! And of course how can you miss on those long phone conversations with your mother-in-law over the do’s and don’ts like watch your steps, don’t run around the house, keep yourself calm and happy, don’t leave the house unless for a doctor’s appointment etc etc.





Well I must admit that 3 years ago even I did! When we were expecting our first child. But after this recent event that I attended, I have to say that woman have come a far way! I was actually invited to this event by BabyChakra, helps discover the best local services and products for mums and babies.





This beautiful event was organized jointly by Mom and Me, Child Magazine, a parenting magazine, and CordLife, a leading stem cell banking organization, ‘NeoLife’ has been conceptualized to help moms in their journey to become a mother from a woman. BabyChakra was supporting the event online through sharing details of the event with mums in Hyderabad.





This is a four-city event, which kick started in Hyderabad. The next cities being Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

Here in Hyderabad, it was a first event of it’s kind. I personally have never heard of any such event that had happened in Hyderabad. But this was had all that it took..a beautiful venue, enthusiastic contestants, lovely audience and not to forget the delicious food.





I arrived at the venue prior to the start of the event and that’s when I got a chance to quickly caught up with the participants. I was surprised by the amount of energy and confidence they showed! I mean I would have just shied away with such a huge belly popping out.





The first participant I spoke to was Akshaya, who later won the title of “Child Cordlife Super Mom of the Evening”. She was equally excited about her first pregnancy and hitting the ramp. Akshaya is a digital marketing executive who was almost 8 months pregnant! Way to go lady!





And then I spoke to a few more of pregnant women who were having a gala time just before they walking the ramp.

And here’s our chat with one of them, who was also one of the winners that evening (She’s requested her name not be mentioned)



1. Tell us a little about yourself and your pregnancy so far.

Well, I am in my 24th week now, it feels great to even be pregnant 🙂 I can only imagine how much more fun and blissful motherhood will get!



2. How did you come to know about this event?

Through Birthplace…



3. For a mom-to-be like you, how important are events like these?

It was absolutely fun, and for a change I did not shying away from showing off my baby bump 😀 I think these events can boost your confidence and make your journey more exciting. I got to meet a lot of expectant mothers from different hospitals and sharing experiences with them was great.



4. A couple of months from now, how do you see yourself?

I will be in my last trimester in a couple of months, I cannot anticipate the changes it is going to bring, but like always I am going to take care of myself and my lil one inside 🙂



5. Your definition of ‘Motherhood’.

Being responsible, because a mother will be the one bringing new life into this world, so every mother should have a good time, eat well, and take proper care of herself.

Motherhood is lovely already, and I am hoping it will only get better from here 😀





Winners of other categories —’Child Ms Fit and Active’ was given to Akanksha, ‘Ms Twinkling Eye’ was Kajol.




‘Ms. Lustrous Hair’ was Rishitha, ‘Ms. Graceful’ was given to Puja Agarwal, ‘Ms. Georgeous Smile’ to Chaya and ‘Ms. Congeniality’ to Himal Tiwari.


And let me not forget to mention the adorable outfits the mommies-to-be were seen flaunting. And here we bring to you the man behind this amazing collection ~~ Navdeep Singh. Well! At least for me he’s the jack of all trades!

And without any further adieu let me share my chat with him. I asked him a couple of questions and he was patient enough to answer them all!



1. Tell us a little about yourself and WHITE-DreamWorks.

WHITE DreamWorks is a brand for those who thrive on concrete exclusivity and believe in exercise of creative freedom with strong conviction towards defying the odds eventually redesigned and restructured keeping in mind the trends of the season.

I’m Navdeep singh, the face behind the label, a fashion professional from the most prominent fashion school – Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi.



2. Why did you take up fashion designing as a profession?? Was it your childhood ambition or did it just happen to you by chance?

Well I would say that it was actually a ‘planned’ thing for me. As I’m a very creative person, I was never into books for real. My parents never wanted me to grow up like a typical kid. They never saw me becoming an engineer or a doctor. But they knew about the my creativity and this would not have happened without their constant support.



3. Why did you chose to design outfits for mommies-to-be? How challenging was it for you?

Yeah! It was quite challenging. This is the second season I’m doing, Ruchika Dahiya, marketing head of Child who also happens to be a friend of mine. We sat down and she propsed me the concept and seemed pretty interesting and innovative to do. A similar project had in 2013 in Delhi so I have had some experience but this time it was taken a niche higher because it was happening in a totally alien city, at least for me. This was the first time I visited Hyderabad and it was a wonderful experience.



4. What was your most favourite part of the event?

The most favourite part of the event was the interaction, that I had with the contestants and the family. Because for a city like Hyderabad it’s pretty much a new concept where a fashion show is organised for the general people, the moms-to-be and not for the models. I feel very connected to that because I’m one from the crowd. And for me networking and socializing and getting to meet new people is something I have always loved.



5. What was your least favourite part of the event?

Not exactly the least favourite but I just wanted to spend some more time in the city. I was there for only two days. I wish I had some more time. But since then everything was planned by the organizers so I just had to go with the flow. But yeah I just wanted more of it, the interaction with the local people out there in Hyderabad.



6. What’s your opinion on events like these?

Do you see yourself working with mommies-to-be again in future?

In my opinion, it’s a very noble cause and it’s very creative event for our country. It’s something new something that’s never been done before so it’s very original. I think events like these should be promoted on a bigger scale now, which I also believe is already happening.

In 2014-2015 we will be doing it in four major cities, after Hyderabad it’s either going to be Bangalore or Mumbai and then we will be heading back to Delhi so yeah it gives a very positive outcome and good exposure to general people us to get out there, out of their comfortzone and walk down the ramp in designer outfits, which is something they don’t get to do every day. Basically it’s to celebrate the joy of motherhood. And I personally for me my mom has been in pillar of strength. So yeah events like these are very close to my heart.

Thank you once again Navdeep for being patient with me! A huge shout-out to you and DreamWorks! 🙂





Not just the fashion show, there were loads of sessions lined up for moms-to-be like a session on nutrition for pregnant moms, session on styling and beauty tips, etc. Just before the close of the event Mom N Me show cased their exclusive maternity clothes and accessories for moms-to-be to benefit from.

And the day ended going back home with goodies given to us at the end of the event. All-in-all it was a wonderful event, loads of lessons learnt and a ton of memories to cherish for years to come.And I’m sure everyone who was a part of it will agree with me!


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