Learning Shapes and Numbers With Lacing Toys

Learning Shapes and Numbers With Lacing Toys

6 Feb 2018 | 3 min Read

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Do you have lacing shapes toy or game with you at home? Do you  just use them for lacing or sorting color?

Here are six simple ready-to-go activities with  shapes lacing puzzle.


1- Sorting shapes



Draw desired shape you want to teach your child on a sheet of paper or on a card stock for durability and give him/her shapes, chips with all colors and have the child sort according to the shape you have drawn on the paper. First try with 2 shapes, then increase the number.

2- Sorting shapes and numbers




This is an extension to the above activity. After learning shapes you can extend the activity by writing a number on the shape and sort the shapes according to the number written. You can also try with a particular color and particular shapes and number.

Example-Red triangle with number 2, Green square with number 4, so on and so forth.



3- Number matching




In Montessori we see number spindle box in the math section. We can try an alternate on budget with these shapes though it’s not perfect and doesn’t match with the spindle box system. But can learn quantity with anything and any way. So place numbers and let the child recognize the number and put the same quantity of shapes below that number.



4-Match the pattern




Make your own patterns and let the child copy the exact pattern you have made. This helps in learning pattern matching, color recognition, shape recognition and thinking skills.



5- Sequencing




This is something which child loves most but the activity has to be given when the child is active and interested in doing the activity, otherwise he will lose interest in the game. Introduce it like a game rather than teaching sequencing.


Make a sequence and let your child guess the next shape to be placed. You can start with simple sequencing at first.


Example- abab__aabb__abcab__ etc;



6-Odd one out


You can introduce odd one out with these fun shapes learning. Make a pattern with the one which is not related to the pattern and let the child point out which one in not similar or doesn’t match with the pattern. It’s a fun way to introduce the child to the odd one out concept.


These are just a few examples you can try many other activities with shapes lacing like color sorting, pattern making, lacing with different patterns and different type of lacing, etc.


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