Developmental Milestones: 37-42 Months

Developmental Milestones: 37-42 Months

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What lies ahead for your preschooler and you i.e. from 37-42 months?

Every mom is happy to be a survivor past the ‘terrible twos’ for her preschooler. The next few year are the magic years for your toddler. Your child is now slowly listening to you and becomes a little more mature. During this phase his imaginations and creativity will put him on the top of the world.


What are the physical and motor milestones developed during this phase?

During this phase enormous physical growth is happening. By now your toddler has started running as well as going up and down stairs. Here is the list of your kid’s motor skills:

  • Walks up and down stairs using alternating feet – one foot per step
  • Walks along a plank
  • Rides a tricycle
  • Kicks, rolls and throws a ball
  • Runs with more confidence
  • Bends over, without falling
  • Hops on one foot for 2-3 times
  • Uses a toilet


Here is list of fine motor milestones for 3 years olds that your toddler should be clearing around 37- 42 months of age:

  • Handles small objects more easily and is able to turn a page of book
  • Copies square, cross and circle shapes
  • Builds a tower with toys or bricks
  • Dresses up without support
  • Strings up to 1 inch beads


How can I improve my baby’s physical and motor skills?


physical and motor skills


Here is a list of gross motor activities for 3 year olds that you can introduce your toddler to and help him improve his motor skills:

  • Take your child to a garden and allow him to use his tricycle, while you are jogging or walking along side
  • Play with ball – ask him to throw ball at you and give him back for catching
  • Play Tag game with him
  • Take him to a garden and play with him with garden toys like swings, slides, seesaws etc.


Along with these, there are fine motor activities for preschoolers that will help hone their fine motor skills and become more nimble.

  • Provide him with a large assemble puzzle to develop fine manipulative skills.
  • Give him a drawing book that has shapes and ask him to replicate it. This improves his fine motor skills and makes him surpass 3 year old drawing milestones
  • Allow him to dress up in your clothes and shoes.


Which cognitive and lingual developments are happening in my kid?

Cognitive development in a 3 year old covers the following milestones:

  • Correctly names few colors
  • Remembers some part of stories told to him
  • Sorts objects by shape and color
  • Completes age-appropriate puzzles
  • Engages in fantasy play
  • Can say and sing an alphabet


3 year old speech milestones include the following:

  • Speaks clearly
  • Says his name and age
  • Answers simple questions
  • Says some part of a story
  • Speaks in small sentences (having about 5-6 words)
  • Sings a simple song or a rhyme


How can I improve my baby’s lingual and cognitive skills?

Lingual and cognitive development can be sharpened using similar activities

  • Ask your child questions that has simple answers
  • Practice rhymes
  • Tell a story and ask your child to repeat it
  • Take a story book, and on finishing a story, try to frame some questions and find answers for them together
  • Remind him about past events


What social and emotional developments are happening in a preschooler of 37 months?

Social and emotional developments happening in your 3 year old kid are as follows. The child:

  • Is interested in new experiences
  • Mixes and plays with other children
  • Is able to understand emotions of others
  • Shows or offers his toys
  • Engages in group games
  • Plays with peers with minimal conflicts
  • Loves to play interactive games
  • Verbalizes his emotions
  • Maintains stable-appropriate temperament
  • Understands his gender
  • Plays “Mom-Dad”
  • Finds it difficult to differentiate between fact and fantasy


Disclaimer: The information in the article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor.


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