Stop Child Abuse! A Curse To Our Society

Stop Child Abuse! A Curse To Our Society

7 Feb 2018 | 3 min Read

Pavneet Sahni Arora

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We live in a society where men are still considered superior to women, not only in villages or backward areas, but even educated people with this type of mentality exist. Hearing one or the other cases of child or women abuse makes my heart melt for the victim. Molestation rape, touching without another person permission is a crime and no one has the right to do it. But it is happening all over in homes, in schools, on roads everywhere. You can’t trust anyone.


Reasons for such cases:

  1. The upbringing of the person who perform such crime. In most homes still it is taught that men are superior men can do anything.
  2. The women or men who support the person who perform such acts and put the blame on the victim. It was very easy for such people to blame women who has been molested or raped that women must have done something, she must be wearing the wrong clothes, but a big question why is kids boys or girls molested or raped. Stop blaming the victim and start giving punishment to person who perform such acts.


The law of our country, why still a person who is proved guilty requires such long proceedings. Why it takes years to punish them




People don’t raise voice. Child molestation and abuse has been done for years, but as they are mostly done by known persons in houses or in schools people don’t raise voice. If you don’t raise your voice that people will do the same thing with other children so always raise your voice.


What you can do for your child safety:

  • Always be aware what your child is up to, check their phone if they have.
  • Always keep a check what type of friends your child hangs out with.
  • Be so open with them on every topic that they can share everything with you.
  • And yes, tell them about good and bad touch as early as possible.



After hearing so many cases of child abuse in past months in Gurgaon or Delhi, my heart goes out to the parents.


Nowadays child abuse is increasing because women are becoming stronger.


Such men think that children don’t know anything they could use them for their pleasure, so it is very necessary for parents to give knowledge of bad and good touch to your kids as early as possible.

Happy parenting!


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