Desi Pancakes: Fluffy Malpua Recipe

Desi Pancakes: Fluffy Malpua Recipe


Kids grow really fast and while we tend to remember even small things and moments from their infancy and toddlerhood, they don't seem to remember a lot. But, sometimes they surprise you by recalling something which even you have forgotten!!

Just yesterday when I was telling my daughter how during her weaning days, I had cooked and thrown away so many things and experimented a lot with food, she surprised me by saying, 'I used to like that round sweet pancake like thing very much... why don't you cook it anymore'?

I was in a fix. Later, I remembered that she was talking about one of my favourite recipe, 'Malpua'.

This recipe has been a sort of savior for me while travelling long  distances and is a healthy and tasty option for weaning kids.

Traditionally this recipe is made with Maida (refined flour) and dipped in sugar syrup. Also Khoya or condensed milk is used, but to make it healthy and light for kids I have tweaked it.


(For 8 small Malpuas)

1/2 cup Wheat flour
1 tbsp ,aida

1 tbsp Semolina or Suji
1 teaspoon Saunf (powdered coarsely)
1/2 teaspoon Crushed peppercorns
1 tbsp powdered nuts like Cashew, Almonds, Pistachio
Few strands of saffron (optional)
2 tbsp sugar (you can reduce sugar and later while serving malpua  you can give with honey to kids who are more than an year old)
6 tbsp milk for mixing
1 tbsp oil for cooking



1. Take a mixing bowl and first mix all the flours well. Then add saunf, pepper, nuts powder, saffron sugar and milk and mix well. You have to kind of beat it for 5 minutes to make a smooth pancake like batter. Rest the batter for 10 minutes.



2. Heat a non stick tawa and add some oil. With a small ladle pour the mixture and cook on both sides on simmer till it is brown.



The malpua's are ready to serve. These can be stored in a silver foil, in an airtight container for 5-6 hours and can be given in tiffin or packed for travelling with kids.


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