Drizzling Berries On A Cake Cookie



Cashew nuts- 10 ( powdered )

Almonds - 10 -15 ( powdered)

Egg whites - 2 ( if vegetarian used whipped fresh cream)

Powdered sugar - ½ cup (You can use honey also)

Raspberry and blueberry ( if you can't find fresh, use squash )

Maida  2 Tbsp

Pink food colour ( In case you can't find fresh raspberries )


1- Mix all the ingredients together well. Give a good whisk with hand mixer

2- In a convection mode set temperature of 140 degrees and bake for 5-8 mins

3- Let cookie cake cool down


For Raspberry Jelly



Fresh Raspberries


Vanilla essence


1- Make a puree of the raspberry fruit

2- Add sugar and cook on slow flame until you achieve a jelly consistency.

3- Add vanilla essence and let it cook.

Assemble the cookies, pour into jelly and add blueberries on top


Delicious cake cookies are ready!




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Hello everyone....I have joined baby chakra today. I need some advice from you people. I am 27 years old working women and complete d 2 years of marriage. I am not able to prepare myself to be pregnant. I always get scared of pain of delivery normally or post c section complications, carrying a baby for 9 months with lot of different symptoms on daily basis. I am already short heighted and 7 kg over weight. I also get tensed by thinking that approximately 15 kg weight will get increase d during and after the pregnancy.Isaw my many of the friends like so. I always get tensed how will I do the upbringing, once a baby comes, people don't find time for themselves. I know few things may be wrong. But truly saying because of all these negative thoughts I am not able to prepare myself to be pregnant. Please help me out. How to overcome all this...

Heya darling
Domtvworry ... can you copy your comment and post as question; so that you will get some valuable suggestions
. Let me make my baby sleep nd will answer you

Hi Anjali, kindly go to the home page and post your question separately under”ask a question “ There are no. Of moms who would be there to answer and help you out. They will share their experiences which will give you all the strength and shoo away your fears. Hugs

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