Book Review: The Colour Thief

Book Review: The Colour Thief


Author & Illustrator - Gabriel Alborozo


The Story -


The Colour Thief is a story of Zot who lived on a planet which had no colours. Everything was grey and black. The grass, the sky, the sun and the flowers, none of them had any colours. This made Zot and his friends sad. 


Zot would sit on a mountain and watch a sparkling colourful planet far away in the space. He imagined that place to be a happy place. He decided to go there and find happiness for himself. He, thus, set off in his spaceship.


When he reached the colourful planet, he was amazed to see so much color everywhere. Then he thought of his friends. Wouldn't they be happy with having colours in their lives? Zot got an idea to take away all the colours back to his planet. He called out in a strange language and all the red, blue, green, yellow soared and flowed into his bag, turning everything grey and dull.  He continued until each and every colour disappeared. Zot was happy. 


Then he saw the last colour in the orange balloon a boy was cheekily bouncing around with. Without a delay, he stole the orange and took off in his spacecraft. He looked down below to see the grey planet, same as his, and the sad boy. His heart changed. He came back and returned all the colours to the planet. But, what about him? 


On seeing Zot's sad face, the boy held out his balloon to Zot who took it away with him happily. All his friends on his planets became happy in the glow of the orange balloon.


My Review - 


This is a simple heartwarming story woven around the traits of greed, kindness, and compassion. It is a fun read for children. The vibrant and brilliant illustrations are capable of telling the story even without the words.


There is also a thought-provoking message at the end of the story which says - 'A little colour can go a long long way.' As an adult, you will agree with this line too and take this as an opportunity to discuss the importance of compassion with your child. For the much younger children, it can be an exercise of fun identifying the colours or making up the strange language Zot used to steal the colours. 


My Verdict - 


The Colour Thief is not just any other picture book. It stands out from rest of the lot. 

If your little one is interested in space, spacecraft, and aliens, then 'The Colour Thief' is surely going to become a favourite with your child.


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