Spreading The Love This Valentine’s Day With Books!

Spreading The Love This Valentine’s Day With Books!

12 Feb 2018 | 4 min Read


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To a book lover, every occasion shows up as an excuse to discuss books. Looking to celebrate love with your child? We have a book for that!


Devaki Bhujang Gajare, Founder and Chief Book Lover at Little Readers’ Nook lists her top children’s book picks for Valentine’s Day.


1. Pete the Cat, Valentine’s Day is Cool – Kimberly and James Dean



Gifting a store-bought card is thoughtful, but a handmade card is extra special. More so when one takes the effort to identify what’s ‘cool about each cat’!


What we love: Pete’s cool Valentine cards!


Our tip: Encourage your little artist to think aloud – what’s cool about the people I love? Can I make a special card for each of them?


2. The Day it Rained Hearts – Felicia Bond



Another book that encourages creativity and thought. Cornelia finds a bunch of hearts, some tiny, some large. Each heart suits someone she knows. Why? The pictures offer clues, but answers are left to our imagination.


What we love: Scope for kids to make connections!


Our tip: Extend the story to your life. Design heart patterns to suit the folks you know.


3. Hedgehugs – Steve Wilson and Lucy Tapper



Can hedgehogs hug? Why not? Can you find a solution to their problem? A beautifully illustrated book that teaches out-of-the-box thinking.


What we love: The title – such a fun play on words!


Our tip: Think of other creative ways to put your old clothes to use, other than wearing

them of course!


4. Plant a Kiss – Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Peter H. Reynolds



What happens when one small girl plants one small kiss? This is a book of possibilities!


What we love: The possibilities that may follow!


Our tip: This book has sparse text. Use it as a think aloud tool rather than a read aloud. How can one plant a kiss? What does it mean? What other things can one ‘plant’? What outcomes can you expect to ‘harvest’?


5. Snoring Beauty – Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen Falling for Rapunzel – Leah Wilcox



Both you and your child will enjoy these hilarious twists to two beloved fairy tales!


What we love: The humour of course


Our tip: Both these stories belong to a genre called fractured fairy tales where a traditional fairy tale is retold with a twist. Be inspired by these examples to add twists and rejig another fairy tale with your child.


6. The Watermelon Route – Quentin Greban


Girls love gifts, so Sassou sets out to gift his favourite girl a basket of watermelons. But the day is hot and the journey long. What happens next? Find out in this hilarious folk tale!


What we love: The gorgeous watercolour style!


Our tip: This story is perfect for enactment.


Why not put up a performance? If your child loves to paint, provide some watercolours to recreate the dreamy illustration style.


Go on mommies, celebrate LOVE with your little one with a love book and tell us all about it!


This article is part of a collaboration with The Little Reader’s Nook.


Little Readers’ Nook aims to change India’s reading culture, one engaged child and one amazing book at a time! Their thoughtful Reading Enrichment sessions are carefully crafted around outstanding World Children’s Literature.


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