How To Introduce Feeding Bottle To Your Baby

How To Introduce Feeding Bottle To Your Baby


This is one concern which almost every mom has to go through.

I introduced the bottle to my daughter when she was 40 days as I had  no one to help me with my household chores.



Although I would still suggest everyone to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and if baby is latching properly, there is no need to Introduce bottle but enjoy the breastfeeding session



There can be various reasons, why a mom wants to adapt the baby for bottle feeding:

  • The Mom is joining work back
  • The Baby has latching issues
  • Personal choice



Things to keep in mind before introducing bottles -


  1. The bottle should be bpa ( bisphenol chemical) free.
  2. Always buy good quality branded bottles.
  3. The teat; should be number 1 that means 0 -3 months nipple even if you introducing bottle to a 6 month for the first time, as baby needs to get used to the bottle feeding movements.
  4. The nipple should have peristaltic flow
  5. Sterilize the bottle before giving it to the baby..
  6. Check the temperature of milk on your palm  before giving it to the baby. Gradually, you will get to know the comfortable temperature; for feeding.. 


Now there would be babies who would take a bottle without any issues. But then we have the fussy babies who will reject the bottle  How to deal with them? 


Here are few quick tips :


  • Always introduce the bottle in the evening. The logic is as the energy goes down for the baby, the baby may not refuse the bottle that dominantly ..
  • Always start with a small amount of 30 ml. Let the baby establish the feed
  • The baby may cry and ask for breast in this case, let someone else feed the baby through bottle.
  • Introduce the bottle, once baby is distracted by some noise in the surrounding


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