Instant Rava Coconut Ladoo

Instant Rava Coconut Ladoo



Coconut Rava  Ladoo is a delicious sweet made with semolina  andcoconut in it. Enjoy these sweet balls for any special occasion.




1 cup Rava / Sooji

1/4 cup Ghee

1/2 cup Shredded Coconut

3/4 cup Sugar

2-3 tbsp Milk

Cashews 6-10

1/2 spoon Cinnamon

5-6 strands of Saffron




  1. Roast cashew in ghee and take them out.
  2. Now in the same ghee, add rava / sooji and roast till light golden brown and you smell the aroma.
  3. Add grated coconut and mix well.
  4. Add sugar, cinnamon powder, saffron and mix well for a minute.
  5. Start adding 1/2 spoon slowly and keep adding till you get mixture soft enough to bind ladoo. Milk should be warm.
  6. Leave for about 4 minutes to cool down. Bind ladoo and top with cashews



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