Quiz Alert: What Emoji Personality Are You?

Quiz Alert: What Emoji Personality Are You?

Just like conversations are boring without expressions, chat sessions are boring and ‘robotic’ without emojis. Emojis present the emotions we experience in our day-to-day lives but some of us stick to certain behavior types.


In a fun way today, let’s find out what  your Emoji Personality is. Are you ready??


Rules are simple, just keep note of the letter of the option,  for example q1 – answer is c, question 2, answer is g (Oh wait, didn’t put the ‘g’ option!) but you get what I mean!!

During pregnancy, someone who you met  while  taking a walk, says “Oh, You Never told us you were planning”.  In Response, you:

a. Say something sarcastic and snazzy, then giggle and move on. Laugh it away!

b. Go blank and look for the “witty answer manufacturing unit” of the brain but can never find it at the right time.

c. Whether you say something angry or not, your face will be like a dragon about to blow a stream of fire.

d. You just smile, give a here and there answer and think, Phew! That’s done with.

e. You just can’t figure out what to say. 1000 thoughts run in to your mind, but you just don’t know what to say, you just change the topic.

f. You tell her all the details – the date you conceived, the dates since when you’d been trying, everything!! Take it if you want it Madame!


Source: media


Your Favorite Movie is:

a. Golmaal Series

b. You’d rather not tell

c. Bahubali series

d. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and DDLJ

e. There are so many, it’s unfair to ask for a single one

f. Gangs of Wasseypur series


Source: 31.media.tumblr


How Many Friends do you have?

a. What type of friends do you mean? Hanging out buddies, drinking buddies, mommy friends, best friends, society friends – which ones?

b. My Mom, she is the only one I can talk to.

c. A handful and I want it that way. Don’t want unnecessary people in my life.

d. I have a few friends and I can count on them any day!! Life is better because of my friends and my family

e. I think I have many friends but I’m not sure what they think of me

f. Three.


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Your baby has finally slept and you have some time at hand. What do you do in your free time?

a. Call up my friends and family and have a good talk session. Sometimes we even do indulge in harmless chit chat about people around us and crack some jokes.

b. May be just go to sleep?

c. I like to go for something adventurous – may be mountain hiking?

d. I like to sit at home and watch some TV or TV series

e. Try to sleep but I can’t, I try to watch TV but I can’t … I kill time trying to figure out what to do.

f. I do whatever I have planned for that free time. In the last 10 minutes, I plan what I would do for the rest of the day.


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Which is your Favorite Indian Festival?

a. All festivals are my favorite festivals!! My friends and family come over and I make great food on all of those festivals!

b. All festivals, as long as it is a holiday and I get to sleep or sit quietly.

c. I hate the flood of guests and then making sweet meats and snacks for them. Hello?? It is my festival too!!

d. I love Diwali and Christmas. Lots of shopping, lots of gifting and a lot of gifts received as well.

e. I get so hassled with all the poojas, the cooking, the guests, I just feel like escaping to some corner.

f. Rakshabandhan. No fuss, I get gifts, end of story.


Source: thegirlwithapinkphone


And NOW, it is time for the scores!


Interpretation of Your Scores:


If most of your answers are option ‘a’, then you are the “Winking Face with Tongue sticking out” Emoji:

Source: adamjkurtz


You like the lighter side of life. You prefer not to take stress and live a life of being happy-go-lucky. There’s nothing that a simple joke cannot solve. A friend of friends, and a friend of the enemies too – people find it difficult to stay upset with you forever. Social gatherings and hanging out with friends is your drug!


If most of your answers are option ‘b’, then you are the “Silent” or “Neutral” Emoji:



Source: media1.tenor


No matter what is on your mind, you prefer not to say it. Someone has to be really precious to be able to make you add a comment or two about it. You answer questions that have been asked because chit-chatting is unnecessary. Silence is golden, at least for you!


If most of answers are option ‘c’, then you are the “Angry” Emoji


Source: media.tenor


My god, what do you eat to create all that fire inside you! You are a sweet fun loving person with one hell of a temper. On the other hand, you are also very ambitious and care for your relationships. Sometimes you wonder why you get so angry, but these people around you, they just don’t understand it!


If most of your answers are option ‘d’, then you are the “Smiling Face with Smiley Eyes” emoji:


Source: media.giphy


Aren’t you adorable? The simple, sweet, naïve lady! You take the world as it is, but it’s your positive thinking that keeps you going. You prefer to look at the happy days and the positive side of things. Some days you are OK with a compromise and just let negativities go out of your life. Happiness and peace are the most important things in your life!


If most of your answers are option ‘e’, then you are the “Nervous” Emoji:


Source: media.tenor


Sweaty or freezing-cold palm is a constant aspect of your personality. You do get nervous as you don’t want to hurt people. So you prefer hurting yourself and just keeping quiet, instead of replying to people. You sometimes get sleep issues because of thinking so much, but hey! Take a chill pill. Make some friends you trust and work on your confidence. Life is good, take advantage of that!


If most of your answers are option ‘f’, then you are the Emoji with a Monocle:


Source: static.skaip


You are an informed person. You like things in order, and discipline. Whatever you do, you like to do your research about it. In your life, things are Black or White, there’s either a no-grey zone, or even if there is, it is very small. People are either close friends, or acquaintances, there’s is no in-between. You like routines, things in order, cleanliness, and everything that goes by the book. That is one of the issues of being a mother that you don’t get enough time to be presentable or keep your home presentable and that’s a s constant internal battle for you. It gets better my friend!


I hope you enjoyed reading which emoji are you. Share with me your test results in Comments below and tell me if it is true for you! 


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