Two Interesting Recipes You Must Try This Holi

Two Interesting Recipes You Must Try This Holi

Festivals means preparing lots of sweets like Gujiyas, Besan Ladoo, Seviyan etc and then hogging them right.. To keep the spirit of the festival,  I make two different varieties of sweets. Yes, you heard correct..


I make Kesariya Kulfi and Fruits Popsicles!

Kesariya kulfi




1- Boil full fat milk in a pan


2- Let it boil and keep the gas minimum, Keep stirring with a spoon at regular intervals..


3- Take a tablespoon of cold milk and add half teaspoon cornflour to it. Mix it well.


4- Add sugar to the boiling milk and stir nicely.

5- Once the boil comes, add the cornflour mixture and stir again. After  one boil, switch off the gas..


6- Let the mixture cool and then blend it roughly in a blender.


7- Put the blended mixture in a pan agin and add elaichi powder, dry fruits like almond, pistachios, raisins and saffron (mixed in few drops of rose water).


8- Stir it well and pour it in the Kulfi moulds.  Let the moulds set in freezer for 6-7 hrs




Tadda, your kesariya kulfi is ready to eat!

Fruit Popsicles




1- Cut fruits like black or green grapes, orange, peel pomegranate, kiwi etc.


2- Make lemonade with water, sugar and lemon.


3- Add chopped fruits, pinch of black salt and few sprigs of crushed pudina leaves. Mix it nicely.


4- Fill the ice cream moulds with this material and let it set in freezer for 6-7 hours.



Now yummy fruit popsicles are ready to eat!


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