Tips to keep your home organised

Tips to keep your home organised

6 Feb 2015 | 3 min Read

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A well-organised home is every Mom’s dream, and our creative expert-mom Kavita Shah is living this dream. A commercial artist cum an organisation expert, her talent and creativity speaks through her venture-House of Ideas. This is her story of coming from a small town to be a corporate professional then a mommy and now a successful entrepreneur. Read on and feel inspired!


1. My Mom Quotient:

I am a very organized person and that’s my Parenting Style too. My kids are very cooperative, well mannered & well disciplined. I am a strict mother. And despite of being strict my kids know they are the most important part of my life and loved unconditionally. I make sure, we never miss our play or story time. I believe parenting is a learning process. Each child is different and so does the parenting styles. When there are siblings we, as parents, have to learn to balance. Biggest lesson for me is to give good examples for my children to follow.





2. My Mom Inc. Story:

Honestly I never thought that I will ever become an entrepreneur as I don’t have a business background. I always wanted to work with Advertising Agencies but eventually I quit my job after being a mom, left with only one thirst to don’t let my knowledge go waste. I belong to a small town and a middle class family. My parents are creative souls, and I have grownup seeing systematising & creativity in every small thing. I evolved this creativity into my venture- House of Ideas in October 2013. Today when I look back I am very satisfied with my progress because I have accomplished every single task all by myself. We have customers across India and abroad and have been featured in Local Newspaper ‘n online portals.

3. Who inspired/supported me :

To be very honest, I have started my journey alone, without any business background or financial support. But my thirst for proving myself and self-motivation got me here. I am inspired by my own self, my own creations and I am really satisfied & proud of myself. I am also lucky to have a supportive husband and positive people around me who believed in my vision & capabilities.


4. Advice/Tips:

Apart from Monetary Investment you will need huge Investment of Desire to create new things, confidence in your creativity, updated knowledge about your field, ability to monitor your progress and Constant Learning. Always focus on what you want rather than worrying what you don’t have. Don’t be workaholic. Take time for your loved ones. And never work ONLY for money. Fall in love with your Passion.


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