Fun test to find out your mental age

Fun test to find out your mental age

22 Feb 2018 | 6 min Read

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Age is just a number – that fact is true for almost every woman I know! Some of us mature too soon, while some of us prefer being in their funky, bubbly, kiddish versions. So while someone may be just 20 years old, they may think and act like a 50 year old, and vice versa.


In this fun test, let’s find out how old you are in  the head! But hey, this is just a fun test!


Are you ready?


The steps are simple; answer the questions with whatever  option screams “ME”. Keep a note of your choices, then go on to interpretation of results below. No cheating!


1- How Old Are You?


  1. 30-40
  2. 20 – 30
  3. 40-50
  4. Beyond 50





2- What is your Favorite Food?


  1. Gol gappe/Pani Puri.
  2. Chocolates.
  3. I don’t have a favorite as such, if it looks and tastes nice, I like to eat it.
  4. I enjoy cooking and offering my family’s favorite food than having some myself.




3- You were out and it got very late! Your nosy neighbor is standing in the balcony as you walk back home. What are you thinking?


  1. Oh God, what is she going to say to other people in the locality
  2. I don’t care
  3. Say Hello to her. Chit chat briefly and indirectly tell her how you got late
  4. You take a look at her and just walk away. You have better things to worry about.




4-Your friends call up and ask you to immediately get ready for a movie that starts in half an hour. You:


  1. Refuse to go. You have more arrangements to make before you leave home so abruptly.
  2. You do everything possible in that limited time. You have to look your best no matter what!
  3. Just grab whatever has been hanging, quickly dress up and are ready to go!
  4. You do whatever you can in that time frame. You can always find some time to put on lipstick.




5- In your free time you like to:


  1. Use your favorite Babychakra app, interact with like-minded people or take a couple of tests on the app (:-P)
  2. Use Snapchat or Instagram filters and post a few stories
  3. Check your Facebook timeline, may be post or comment on some
  4. Sleep, or may be call and talk to someone. You might even consider going down to the park and connect with some friends from the society.




6- Every Morning when the alarm rings:


  1. You are startled and rush yourself out of sleep. Late again!
  2. Most days you don’t hear the alarm at all.
  3. You take a couple of twists and turns, may be hit the snooze button also, but wake up in another 10 minutes.
  4. You switch it off immediately because you were awake anyway.



7- How routine or schedule loving are you?


  1. I try my best to stick to a schedule but every day is a new challenge
  2. Uhh, how is that pronounced? skeh-dyool, shey-dyool, or shedul?
  3. Most days I like to stick to a schedule. If it is off, I get really cranky.
  4. I just go with the flow of the day. Ain’t no schedule deciding what I’ll be doing





8- It is your birthday. How many calls and messages you get?


  1. 80-100 may be, I usually can’t attend them all.
  2. I can’t even count! Someone’s call is always waiting while I’m on a call.
  3. 30-50. I’m still in touch with my school and college friends.
  4. I prefer celebrating in private. Just my spouse and my kids. Sometimes, may be a couple of relatives, who are usually self-invited.



If Most of your answers are a, you are a young adult!




You have recently had the burden of responsibilities on your shoulders. May be a new married life, may be new motherhood, or may be all of that. For now you seem to be struggling with how things work and how to set things right. In this current stage, not all things are very smooth, but since you are adventurous, you take your risks and do your trials. You are hopeful that things will get better soon, even if they are not set right for now.



If Most of your answers are b, you are a child!


You, little baby, You!! You are basically as carefree as a young child. Of course, you are responsible and mature, but only when the situation demands. Otherwise, you are happy with the impulsiveness and spontaneity in life. You jump up in excitement when something fun comes your way and don’t shy away from pouring your heart out when things get tough. But all in all, you know how to enjoy life! Keep at it!!


If most of your answers are c, you are officially an adult!




The expectations and realities of life have already dawned on you. You have seen the best and worst in life and seem to have struck a balance. The happiness keeps you happy but the sadness does not rattle you or throw you off track. You have attained certain poise in life which you use to manage everyday situations. There may be a silver lining on your head already.



If most of your answers are D, you are a Grandma already!



Been there, done that…. Giggled on it and cried over it!! You, my lady, seem to have done it all!! Like a beautiful bottle of wine, your mind is ageing in the most graceful manner! You consider not just aspects of your life, but also of people around you. More than acting like a little girl, you like to act like a caring figure, even for people who are older than you. You like certain things, but don’t lose your mind over it. You know that there’s always, ALWAYS a next time… and even if there isn’t, something better will always come your way. The only people you care about pleasing are your close knits – family and friends, not everyone!


So even if you have turned out to be a grandma, it is ok, because this is just a Fun test.


Deep inside our hearts, we are all sweet 16-year-olds, isn’t it 😉


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Happy Ageing, Gorgeous!!

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