3 Books You Should Read To Your Child This Holi

3 Books You Should Read To Your Child This Holi

Reading is the best gift, which a parent can give their child from an early age and this gift will be cherished forever. I always saw my father reading and he inspired me to start reading to my kids at an early age.


When my kids turned 8 months I got them some touch and feel books and sounds books.People around me used to say by the time her boys will be 10 years, they will do graduation but I always acted deaf so that I can concentrate on what I was doing.


I used to read them books  loudly and then give them touch and feel books to explore while I could finish my daily chores. Next, I set a routine where before bed time I'll read them story. Now when they are turning 4-years-old,  they have got such a habit that whenever we go out or for vacations they don't forget to carry their books..


What I believe is learning has no knowledge and books are treasures  which has no limitations.


Any festival for us means reading books ,doing some simple and fun activities and enjoying the festival.

Now the situation is that whenever my kids hear us just talking about any festival, they ask me which books should they be reading and they get excited about the fun activities which I try to plan for them.


Books illustrations and pictures make them understand things easily and hands-on activities are added bonus..


Holi is not even a week and this holi we are reading three books”


Amma Tell Me about Holi! - by Bhakti Mathur



This is a very colorful and vibrant book. You should read this to your children to explain them why and how holi is celebrated. This writer has written many books on other festivals and what I like about her is that the language is simple and kids learn a lot of new things with such stories.


Meet My Hindu Gods - by Mital Telhan and Reena Puri



This book is about the Hindu Gods and is a perfect for introducing your kids to Indian Gods and Goddesses- Saraswati,Brahma Vishnu Krishna and many more..The illustrations and description are simple so that child can easily relate to and understand..



It's Spring!- by Pamela Chanko and Samantha Berger



Since Holi marks the start of spring season in India, it can help you in introducing children to different seasons and weather. This book is suitable for kids of 2-5 years and is colorful and bilingual.


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