I Will Bring Up My Babies To Be The Best: Sridevi, A Star & A Mom

I Will Bring Up My Babies To Be The Best: Sridevi, A Star & A Mom

She played mother to the 25-year-old Rajinikanth when she was just 13. She lit her mother’s funeral pyre as she was more like a son. Her charming face and acting skills charmed many.


Everyone is shocked by the news of Sridevi’s sudden death. Most of us now are wondering how or why she died so soon. Some of us are also probably forwarding or reading Whatsapp messages that state how excessive plastic surgery and slimming drugs took away the actor’s life.


Now that it has sunk in, we would like to keep all the rumors aside and focus on a role that was very dear to Sridevi. That of a mother.


For years, the actress kept her daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi away from the limelight. It is only recently that the protective mom has been seen posing with her daughters often for the shutterbugs. Here’s why we think the actress, with all her glam and beauty, was like any other mom.


She understood that modern parenting is different but was concerned at the same time


Sridevi told at a promotional event, “ The mother-children relationship these days is very different from what it was when I was a kid. I can’t expect my kids to be the way I was with my mom. Nowadays, kids teach us. But as parents we do want them to be safe.”


She preferred to see her daughter married but supported her


At a media event, Sridevi shocked everyone by saying, “Jhanvi wanted to do Student of The Year 2 and initially, I wasn’t in favour. I dont think its a bad industry. I am a creation of this world. But as a parent it would give me greater joy to see her married. But her happiness matters more and if she does well as an actress, I will be a proud mother.”


Raising her daughters to excel was her goal

In one of her early interviews to a leading daily, Sridevi had said, “I will bring up my babies to be the best and people will look up to them as examples.” Don’t all mums have this dream?


House management was her domain, even if she was a star

Don’t most working moms love to decorate their own house and stock up the kitchen even if they’re busy. Sridevi had maids, but liked to shop and decorate the house herself. Her daughter Jhanvi told a leading daily in an interview once, “Everything is done by mom! She loves to do up the house. We generally shop together, it’s fun.”


Alas, she couldn’t make it to see her daughter Jhanvi make her on-screen debut this year. We will miss seeing you, a diva, a mom!


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