Make Delicious Phirni For Your Loved Ones This Holi

Make Delicious Phirni For Your Loved Ones This Holi

26 Feb 2018 | 2 min Read

Aditi Ahuja

Author | 72 Articles

Holi is around the corner and I have made these very special phirni recipes for everyone


I have made a base phirni recipe and divided it into halves to make 2 amazing flavours. The first one is strawberry phirni and the second one is kesariya Phirni.


Basic recipe for Phirni




1 litre milk


1/2 cup basmati rice (soak the rice for at least 4 hours)


3/4 cup sugar


Water for grinding rice.




  1. Take a heavy bottom pan and heat the milk. Let it boil once and then let it thicken a bit on simmer.


  1. Meanwhile in a grinder add soaked rice and enough water to make a paste which is like a liquid. Try to grind the rice finely.


  1. The milk need not be reduced too much. To this milk add the grinded rice slowly while stirring continuously. You have to stir for at least 10-12 minutes to let the rice completely cook in milk.


  1. Now add sugar and mix it till it dissolves and switch off the gas. Let the mixture cool to room temperature.

For Strawberry Phirni (Take half of the base phirni)

  1. Take 10-12 roughly chopped strawberries in a grinder and add 1 spoon water to grind them. Add this mixture to the phirni cooled to room temperature. If you feel it is less sweet add little honey to it.
  2. Garnish it with strawberries.


For Kesariya Phirni (Take the other half)


To the base Phirni mixture cooled at room temperature, add crushed mixed nuts (pistachio, cashews, almonds) and crushed elaichi powder to taste. Also mix few strands of kesar in little hot milk and mix it in this. Again if you feel it is less sweet add little honey.




Serving suggestion

  1. Phirni tastes best when it is served chilled by refrigerating for 3-4 hours. It is traditionally served in earthen pots which are first washed. The garnish can be done with nuts and even vark. At my home we did like this.
  2. Phirni can be given to kids who are 10-12 months old but without honey. For older ones it can be given just like that.
  3. You can use crushed mangoes also for making mango phirni.


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