Healthy Breakfast Pops

Healthy Breakfast Pops


These Breakfast Pops are seriously easy peasy.

Yes!! I mean it..and I realised only when I made them  for my boy. Now the catch is like any other recipe of mine, I wanted it to be goodness loaded and then I tried my hands on this recipe of Breakfast Pops.

It is easy to make and trust me even easy to finish and  this happened at my home. Interesting part is these are great option to give with a glass of milk . I had made four for trial and two days of breakfast was super easy for me.

And now the demand keeps coming for the next batch of the Breakfast Pops from my son. Infact they are quite tempting for me too, but then I avoid the chocolate dip and have it just like that. So these interesting Breakfast Pops are solution to lot many picky eaters and a relief for moms too.



Muesli: 2 tbsp

Cashew Powder: 1 tbsp

Almond Powder: 1 tbsp

Cinnamon/Nutmeg Powder: ¼ tsp

Roasted Fox Nuts (Makhana) Powder: 2 tbsp

Date Syrup/ Honey: 1 tbsp ( as per taste)

Chocolate bar: 2 inches ( Rs 5 Cadburys)

Sugar sprinklers : for garnish

Sticks/skewers : 4



  1. Dry roast the muesli (unsweetened) and make a coarse powder of it.
  2. Take a bowl and mix muesli, cashew powder, almond powder , cinnamon and makhana powder too.
  3. Add date syrup or honey and mix them together. These act as binding as well as sweetening agents so use them carefully.
  4. Next take a sauce pan and boil some water and on that boiling water add a bowl with the chocolate chunks.
  5. Gradually the chocolate will melt and you can mix is more to make a smooth sauce.
  6. Now take the muesli mixture and make a round ball and the stick It on top of the skewer.
  7. Next dip the tip of the ball in the sauce gently (remember to hold the stick and the ball both at the stage.) till it’s coated evenly.
  8. Now add sprinklers on top so it’s coated on the chocolate and keep it in refrigerator for an hour either on a butter paper or aluminium foil and let it harden a bit.

Serve it for breakfast with a glass of no-sugar water milk and let your kids enjoy some yummy breakfast pops right before they leave for school.


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