Be A Woman First, Mother Second!

Be A Woman First, Mother Second!


When a child is born, the birth of a mother happens and it can be as demanding as giving birth to the baby. For most women, pregnancy is a joy, but most of them also go through worry, guilt, disappointment, frustration, fear. Why it gets so difficult to enjoy the greatest joy of all...


In a woman, the fact of being a mother first has been inculcated so deep, so much so, you lose your identity of being something else, forever. You face the case of split personality. Realization of being someone's wife, someone's mother, someone's sister might be fascinating and innocuous, but it means somewhere that we are ignoring the 'personhood'.


All the scientifically and psychological research has been focused on how the child would turn out but not on the women's transition. But the truth is, nothing can impact parenting, the way mothers psychology does.


A woman is always considered as an epitome of sacrifices and abdication. When we say that it’s important for a parent to be with the children in those crucial initial years, one does not have to mention which parent are we talking about.


With this thought, aren't we heading back to the era where women's only contribution to the society is to raise good men who eventually would be able to take real decisions and have the real power. Is that the meaning of empowerment? Is this equality is all about? Is this the real power?


Embrace the woman in you!!!


The goal as far as embracing our own femininity goes, is taking the time as it's  individuals,not just a female race,  job to decide what works for us and what doesn’t.


We do not have to (and should not) get rid of beliefs and practices that work for us based on the fact that other people have decided it doesn’t work for them. We simply need to be very honest with ourselves about what does and does not work for us.


When your own web is tangled and messy, it needs tending. You need to discover a woman in you first, hiding behind the mother in you.


God has given woman nurturing instincts. It's a way of him telling about your superpowers. But let's not make our lives everything about it.


Motherhood is the most joyous and pleasurable part of women's life, but that can only give you a perfect cultural acceptance and may act as a veneer of importance, not the actual empowerment.


You should be able to do what you really want to do, and that too without any guilt.


Of course we are daughters,mothers, sisters and wives, but putting individual importance forward doesn't make us less of a mother. Nobody and nothing can demolish our love and affection towards our children.


Be honest, love yourself , get in touch with your inner wisdom!!!


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect BabyChakra's point of view. BabyChakra does not assume any responsibility for the views expressed in the article. 


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