Ganne Ke Ras Ki Kheer Recipe


Have u ever imagined sweets with sugarcane? if no, then here's something you can definitely try.


A Sugarcane Payasam (Ganne ke ras ki kheer): It’s healthier than adding sugar. Yesterday only we made it n I wanted to share. Check out the recipe below:


Ingredients-( 8 to 10 servings)


1 litre sugarcane juice


100 grams washed & dried, soaked basmati rice


1 teaspoon powdered green cardamom


1 tablespoon chopped almonds


1 tablespoon chopped walnuts


1 tablespoon raisins


1 tablespoon cashews


1 cup water




1- Wash rice and soak it in water for minimum 20 minutes.

2- Put sugarcane juice in a pan and bring it to a boil on low flame.

3- Now add the soaked rice and cardamom to sugarcane juice and let it cook on a low flame. Keep on stirring continuously.

4-Cook till the rice and sugarcane juice form a smooth mixture and then add the chopped dry fruits.

5-Remove it from the flame and allow it to cool. (Serve it hot or cool, as you like.)



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Comments (7)

love the sugarcane twist!

My naani used to make it

Tells me how..

Aditi Ahuja my nani too,i love it.

Its really yummy Humera Mehtab ...very basic but too good

Its very delicious..we make it on the ocassion of lohri every year.

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