How To Encourage Your Child?

How To Encourage Your Child?

6 Mar 2018 | 2 min Read

Kinshoo (momlearningwithbaby)

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Kids teach us so many things. Mine  taught me that they are mentally stronger than we think. They just need our love and empathy.

Every parent wishes their child to be strong enough to fight the world on his own. But we can’t see our babies getting hurt too. Kids love to play and run around, and falling on the ground or getting scratched, bruises, cuts are inevitable. Rather, these are important for growing and learning.
We tend to panic the moment we see kiddo tripping over while walking. 
We rush to pick them up when they lose balance while trying to kick a ball and topple over.

Here I am sharing my responses on the basis of a  reading (somewhere – don’t exactly remember the source), but made sense to me and has worked for me.

When my toddler would fall down or get hurt, I used to ask – “Are you Ok?” “Does it hurt?” To which he would reply – “Yes, I am hurt” or “It’s paining” and would usually expect a hug and kiss.
Then I would soothe and motivate him by saying – “You will be fine” “You are a brave strong boy” “Try again“.

Now, he has himself started repeating these words – “It will be OK. I am a strong boy” “Let’s try again ” – and encourages himself on his own to get up and go again.. SEE THAT!!

A child is emotionally fragile and needs emotional along with moral support. Rude motivation might not work at that tender age.

So “Encouraging with Empathy” always works for every little one. Encourage but also make her understand that you feel her pain too.


(Note: Here we are talking about the minor bruises, surface scratches and general tripping while playing, walking or monkeying around. However, a parent or an adult always needs to be careful enough to avoid any accidents or major injury.)


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article are the personal views of the author. They do not neccesarily reflect BabyChakra’s point of view. BabyChakra does not assume any responsibility for the views expressed in the article

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