A Letter To My Darling Daughter!

A Letter To My Darling Daughter!


My darling Mi,


Motherhood is the most wonderful thing ever happened to me. I can’t  thank the heaven enough to bless me with a daughter. You are my greatest treasure, you painted my canvas with different shades of pure love, happiness, joy, laughter, care, sometimes frustration and worry too. This Women’s Day I wanted to write to the most special female in my life.


As a child it might not mean so much to you now, but I am sure in future, it will! Raising you into a  strong headed and soft hearted woman is my plan. As a mother and most importantly as a woman I can’t promise to bless you with expensive gemstones and luxurious closet but I will gift you with Education. It is the secret key to success, without this you will lack – for knowledge, for independence and for well being. Your education will empower you, it will be your strength. With it, you will know your rights, make your own decisions. It will help you walk through the difficult times in life (though I wish for you to never see it). It will give you a voice, and will make sure you are heard.



My dear daughter one very important thing I would want to tell you being a woman, a wife and a mother is Be proud of being a woman. We are amazing. In today’s world, both men and women are equal, but I want you to celebrate that difference which make us great and the powers that only we as women are blessed with.


I will give you the eyes to identify your dreams and will always strengthen your wings to chase them and fly high. You will be all women and still rule the corporate world – should that be your dream. But my dear, I also want you to believe in love, the power of marriage and in the magic of motherhood as only a woman is blessed to be a Janani. I hope you someday will get to experience the power of being one and feel the same joy, frustration, happiness and love that children bring too. It is all worth it.


I can only hope, as a woman sharing my feelings to someone who will one day be one, that I’ve done a good job, raised you with confidence, intelligence, empathy and grace.


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