How To Develop Your Child’s Brain: 22 Months – Sensory

How To Develop Your Child’s Brain: 22 Months – Sensory

13 Mar 2018 | 3 min Read

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)

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At 22 months, your child is gathering a lot from his environment using all his senses. You can involve the little one in some sensory activities to aid the process and also enjoy some bonding moments too!


Make sure you follow this entire series where I list month-wise Montessori inspired and play-based activity ideas for developing motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills.


Finger Painting – You can buy tempera paints (rangeela paints) that are pretty cheap in the market and design a finger painting activity. You can offer the child any kind of texture and surface to paint like paper, cloth, bubble wrap etc. Here in the picture, I have created paper cones and my son is painting green color using his fingers. It is a great sensory exercise and we all know how kids love getting messy!



Outdoors – Who does not love water? Kids absolutely do! Take your child out in the water to play around. By walking and playing in water, they get another kind of sensory experience, very different from the one they get by playing in the mud or in the open air. And it is really important. You can go to a swimming pool or a river or beach, if possible. Make sure you are supervising your child all the time.



Bubble Wrap – You can tape bubble wraps on the floor and let your child jump over them. The noise that it makes amuses kids and they love the sensory experience of the wrap. You can also ask your child to use a ride on or cycle on top of the bubble wrap.



Super Market Visit – If you think your child is too small to buy vegetables, try this today! Give him a trolley and ask him to buy some vegetables for himself and put in the trolley. By doing this, in addition to the sensory experience of vegetables and fruits (how they feel when touched), you can also teach your child the names of vegetable and fruits. Isn’t it a better way than using picture books.


You can also ask him to touch and feel grains and pulses etc in the supermarket. and name them. It is a very hands-on method of teaching kids about things you find in the kitchen.



Look out for my next article in this series where I will share some more DIY activities that you can do to improve fine motor and maths skills for your 22 month old child!


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