Benefits of storytelling for children

Benefits of storytelling for children

14 Mar 2018 | 3 min Read

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Storytelling is a oldest art form which stimulates imagination  and its a valuable tool in education, also in social and language development in children.


Nowadays, with a tremendous amount of pressure on young  parents to strike a work-life balance, there is no time to read out stories to their their kids. The story telling art is somewhere getting lost in this generation.


Storytelling plays a crucial role in a child’s  overall  development. Parents find it easier  to put their child to bed with their favourite cartoon channels rather than reading bedtime stories these days. But storytelling has a lot of benefits to your kids.


6 Benefits of Storytelling:


Inculcate good qualities


Children all over the world generally like listening to stories. You can read out a story that come with a moral or a good message to your kid. This helps them to imbibe good virtues from them like wisdom, empathy, courage and honesty.


Enhances communication skills


As you read out a story every day, your kid learns new words which enhances their vocabulary, they get acquainted with the language.


Teaches about their cultures and traditions


Sharing stories or telling your childhood stories will help them learn our culture, traditions and customs that are practised in your family.


Develops listening skills and widens their horizon


Storytelling is a fun way to ensure that they are not only attentive, but  also keen to listen and understand. Try to include stories about different countries and cultures to give your child a broader understanding of the world this broadens their thinking horizons.

Develops interaction skills


Most of the storytelling sessions are very interactive. Children get engrossed in the story line and keep asking questions about the characters and their activities in the story. Encourage your kids to ask questions, reiterate the words, emphasize the moral of the story. This helps them to be more interactive.


Effective tool to reduce screen time


Storytelling is definitely going to help you reduce kid’s screen time. It is some time off the television and the gadgets and you end up spending some quality time with your little one. This is the need of the hour. There are some interesting pop up story books, talking story books which are quite attractive and gets children involved without any fuss.


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