No More Teething Troubles: Live Q&A with Dr Diksha Batra

No More Teething Troubles: Live Q&A with Dr Diksha Batra

15 Mar 2018 | 4 min Read


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It’s a joy to see your baby flash those gummy  smiles. It’s a bigger joy when you spot his/her first tooth cutting through. Teething may pass like a breeze for some babies, but for others, it can be nightmarish. We had a live Q&A session with Dr Diksha Batra to solve our mums’ teething problems.


Q: My daughter is 11 months old and her lower tooth has  got a cavity. It’s just starting. The doctor said it has happened because of the milk. My question is now what can I do so that it doesn’t spread or become deep . I am brushing her teeth twice daily with a finger brush and toothpaste for kids with flouride . Also, she takes night feeds. So do I need to wipe her mouth every time she feeds?

A: You’re doing everything you can already which is great! Cleaning and  wiping her mouth after feed is very important so keep doing it.i would not recommend any treatments at such a young age just observation, good habits and eventually slowly weaning of the feed at night as she gets older.


Q: My son who is 11 months old has just one upper teeth so far. Is it fine? I consulted his pediatrician who suggested a finger brush. My query is, how do I rinse his mouth after brushing Also he takes night what are the precautions to keep in mind during his teething time to prevent from any type of cavities?

A: 11 months is an age to keep teeth clean and wiping with a muslin cloth in the night post his feed is a good measure. You can start with night feeds which should be limited slowly


Q: My baby is three months old as of now I just clean her mouth with a soft damp cotton cloth, do I need to take any other care for her oral hygiene as of now ? When does teething start because already I feel her gums are very rigid and sometimes I feel a biting sensation on my nipple while feeding her.

A: Main oral care starts after teeth erupt between 6-8 months. Do not worry if this eruption is delayed a bit.. Teething can start early also. If you are feeling rigidity but she’s not complaining then no cause for concern. Signs of teething are redness in the area, itching, which she will not be able to communicate so she may be cranky and in severe teething the child may even develop fever


Q:  My kid is 8 months old. She started sucking her fingers from the 4 month. She hasn’t stopped. Moreover, she will even suck her finger during nap time and after the breast feeds. My question is how can I stop her from sucking and will it affect the teeth placement?

A: Don’t worry, at this age it’s ok but you will have to start with small home remedies like applying karela juice or something bitter applied on the thumb or put a bandage on the finger which she sucks so that the habit is discouraged and doesn’t become permanent. You can wait till she’s a year or so and after that start these techniques.


Q: My almost 4-month-old daughter has lower incisors since birth. Now they have started to grow in size, do I need to do anything specific for her tooth care? How can I brush her teeth at this age? And is it necessary? Will a normal bpa free teether be good for her and won’t harm her existing teeth? Ps: She is exclusively breastfed from the past 2.5 months. She has some whitishness in her gums. Is it sign of teething?

A: If your child had incisors at birth, these teeth are called neonatal teeth and usually cause some discomfort to the child’s tongue and mother while breastfeeding. Get your child checked by a dentist just to make sure that there is no problem being caused by these teeth present.


These two teeth are usually extra and not part of the usual teeth that erupt at the age of ten months. You can Keep the mouth clean with a sterile gauze and a thumb brush. Check if the gum whiteness can be cleaned with a brush or better to show a dentist.


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