Nature’s Best, Just For You!

Nature’s Best, Just For You!

Our emotional health is closely dependent on how we feel on the outside. Pregnancy and motherhood are beautiful experiences, but they are definitely not easy on a woman’s body.

Most of my pregnancy was smooth sailing but that wasn't the case with labour and delivery. I was in labour for almost 18 hours during which I didn't have any food or water. The delivery left me feeling completely tapped out of energy and every inch of my body hurt for days after.

I felt flabby, drained, dull, dehydrated and the list goes on.
That was also the time when I discovered the ‘Himalaya FOR MOMS’ range.

Himalaya has come up with a range of products for expecting and new moms packed with natural ingredients to make motherhood more relaxing, smoother, and healthier. And we definitely cannot ignore the benefits of herbs for a healthy living.



The products also smell like a beautiful sunny spring evening which automatically takes you to a happy place!

The first thing you notice postpartum, is that every inch of your body is sore. Even lifting an arm is painful. The ONLY thing that showed any mercy on my aching muscles was massage.

I started using the Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil daily to help build my muscle strength. A massage allows blood circulation, reduces pain while relieving stress to leave you feeling relaxed, thereafter. Sesame Oil, Winter Cherry, Aloe Vera along with Country Mallow in the Toning Massage Oil help in soothing the skin and strengthen the muscles.  


Regular massages not only leave your body more supple but also work as a stimulant for milk production. Which is really a win-win! So both the baby and I pampered ourselves with daily massage sessions. Of course, for the baby, we used the Himalaya baby care range of products. 


Just as the rest of your body, your intimate area also needs a proper cleaning regime. Particularly, once you discover you're pregnant and after child birth. Himalaya Intimate Wash and Intimate Wipes FOR MOMS help in maintaining the required pH balance and hygiene. Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, the Intimate Wash is known to relieve itching and irritation. They therefore became an essential part of my hygiene routine. They became an even more inseparable part of my routine for taking care of my stitches post delivery.


A major part of a new mother's day goes into providing for the baby. Most new mothers suffer from cracked and sore nipples because of incorrect latching. As did I, and trust me, those initial days of breastfeeding can be pretty hard and almost made me rethink my decision about exclusively breastfeeding my baby. My doctor advised me to use a nipple care cream, three times a day and to clean my breasts before and after every feed, which was every two hours.

Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter worked like magic in healing cracked nipples. Kokum Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil, present in these products, are an age old remedy for healing chapped skin, so, this was just what I needed.  And the Nursing Wipes are still helping me maintain proper hygiene for my nursing baby.


My body became excessively dry and patchy for months after because of extreme dehydration caused during labour. And if this wasn't enough, itchy as well. Thanks to my belly which was full of stretch marks! Regular use of a good body butter and an anti-rash cream becomes absolutely imperative to retain moisture and to soothe your irritated skin. And what better cure than the two Himalaya products, full of nature's goodness that do exactly that - Soothing Body Butter Cream and Anti-Rash Cream. I applied these whenever I could and I still do. I find these are gentle on my skin especially during winter. 


The Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter is enriched with three fragrances, Lavender, Rose and Jasmine, to uplift the mood while rejuvenating the senses.

A regular self care regime becomes exceedingly important to help your body regain it's lost vigour. So I spend a few daily minutes on indulging myself. This has worked wonders for my spirit and if there is anything that a mother needs, it is, energy! 

So mommies and soon-to-be mommies, check out the Himalaya FOR MOMS range and show your body some love! 


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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by: Himalaya


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