Book Review: The Kissing Hand By Audrey Penn

Book Review: The Kissing Hand By Audrey Penn

When I first read this book, well I had tears at the end of it. I am  quite a cry baby. Every time I still read it, I shed a tear.


The kissing hand is a beautiful book describing the special bond a child has with the parents. The separation  anxiety and nervousness a child goes through while entering a new phase or chapter in the book of life. This book illustrates and explains it so well.


Chester Raccoon needs to attend school but the thought of leaving his mother, home and toys is too much. Seeing her son so worried and anxious, Mother Raccoon shares the age old family secret “The Kissing Hand”. She kisses the centre of his palm and asks him to touch his cheek to feel secured whenever he misses her and home and say “Mommy loves you”.


When it is finally time to say Goodbye, Chester Raccoon does something so beautiful and loving that you will definitely shed a tear or two. Read the book to find out.


This book is for the many “firsts” in your child’s life – first day at school or daycare, new baby in the family, change of school or country. This will greatly help children transition easily or atleast ease out their anxiety. It is good book for teachers to read out at the first day of kindergarten or preschool.


A beautiful story of how we always “hold” the love of the ones we love and care the most for. Even if we cannot see them.


This book is definitely for the moms too.


Keep the tissues handy moms !!


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